Dating : A Good Friend is a Treasure

h2>Dating : A Good Friend is a Treasure


San is a crazy creature, straightforward and trustworthy. We were Friends from Grade 11. He is the one who stood behind us in all our Success and Arrears. Yes, Poo has 4, Gowtham has 10 and I have 3 Backlogs. But, He has no Backlogs. He is often wanted by our Leadership Council. Now we are in the Pre-Final year, struggling with his Lectures on Abroad Education. While I am writing this, he should be writing his next episode.

It was a weekend. I asked Santhosh to take me to Bazaar Street, where I can get NCERT Books. He told me to wait in our College Park. He was with his LC team. I gave him 3 rings and waited for his call. Later he texted that he will come in 15 minutes.

I spent Time in watching Archery practice. After some time, my Calls left answerless. When I went to the main block, I was told that the LC Meeting was going on for 2 hours. I sat in visitors’ room and resumed building my War base. Later, San dialed and asked me to come near car parking. I walked out in a Black mood.

“Jan! I am Sorry, I had LC meeting today.” — He said in a feeble voice.

‘Why didn’t you tell this earlier Santhosh?’-I told biting Nails.

“I thought that I can take you after the Meeting, Jan.”

‘…you forgot that you have appraisals & reviews on every 1st Saturday.’


‘…and you forgot about my coaching class too.’

‘I was asked to come to Class with Books today, San.’


“Shall we buy the Books tomorrow, Jan?”

‘Fine, I will bunk the Class then. I will no attend my classes without Books.’

“Jan, Shall we go to Coffee Corner?”

May the Coffee be strong and our Conflict be Short!!

‘Hmm, Wait San!!’

Placing 4 sets of our College Pamphlets in Dicky, I wrote “Today, My Best Friend failed to fulfill my Needs!!” on back Windshield of his car.

Days passed by.

Ooty, Kodaikanal, Valparai has been checked and Tanjore was added to our “To-Go” list.

That day, I was in a hurry as I have an entrance exam for ASI Recruitment. I reached the exam center before the expected Time for my last-minute Revisions. I was stunned, there were around 500 people. The School Playground was filled with Candidates. I chose a place in cement steps and started reading the Timeline.

An hour later, Candidates were asked to move to the Exam hall. My Exam Hall was in B Block. I was asked to keep the Baggage in Locker. When I took my Pen, I noticed that my Hall Ticket went missing. I couldn’t stand the pace, at that Moment. It is my dream Job. I was insisted to bring my hall ticket in 45 minutes. I tried to call Santhu. His phone was busy.

I ran down the steps, I have no Idea what to do. It takes 1 hour to reach my Home. Candidates were already started going to their respective classes. Decided to book a Taxi, I sat on a Stone bench. There were beautiful Dalias which would bloom during North-East Monsoon winds. Stabilizing my Mind, I dialed Santhosh.

Someone should be here, preparing for Exams-I thought.

I heard a Phone ringing behind Dalias.When San picked the call, I heard his voice very clearly.

I doubtfully turned around and found Santhosh!! He was sitting near Dalias, biting his Nails.

I was a Happy camper at that Moment.

‘San!!’- I shouted.

“Hey, Jan!!” — He shouted out of contentment.

“I called you several times.”

“Your Number was Busy. Jan, You have missed your Hall ticket in my Note.”

He gave my Hall Ticket.


“From now on, You are free from jim-jams. All the Best!!”

He told giving a Gems Best Friends Forever pack.

I sensed a sigh of relief.

I noticed a Neem Tree near us. I thought for a while and moved towards the Tree. San followed me.

Rubbing its Stem, I took my Hairpin and jotted:

“Today, My Best Friend has helped me to get through the Tough time!!”

‘Anytime!!’– He smiled.

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