Dating : How many pounds is considered too fat to date?

Dating : How many pounds is considered too fat to date?

I am genuinely interested to hear different perspectives on what people would consider their deal breaker for dating in terms of being too fat. This is just me being naturally curious to see the different points of view here on the Reddit community.

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  1. I mean the biggest girl I’ve dated was like 350 but I’m pretty open minded when it comes to weight so doesn’t really matter to me.

  2. I mean, admittedly, I keep myself fit and in shape. Not ripped or anything, just healthy and able to enjoy sports. I would hold my standards to that level for anyone regardless of what they may look like. I’ve seen 180 pound gals outplay the shit out of a 120 pound tennis player and in general be just as healthy. The shape and exact weight doesn’t matter, as long as she’s healthy and fit in general.

  3. Depends on the person for me since different people can pull off different looks. I know some objectively fat girls who are fucking gorgeous and honestly they probably wouldn’t look as good skinny. This one girl I knew gained a whole bunch of weight after high school and it was actually a good thing cause she looked weird before but she’s got some real nice curves now and I think she’s pretty hot now.

    On the flip side, I’m generally attracted to more conventionally attractive girls, thinner, somewhat fit, usually blonde lol, but I know tons of girls who fall into that category that I am not attracted to in the slightest so it really all depends.

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