POF : Why is pof rubbish now, but 6 years ago it used to be much better?

POF : Why is pof rubbish now, but 6 years ago it used to be much better?

When I am was 21 I got countless messages on pof. Now 27 6 years later I decided to make a new pof to see if I could meet someone. The thing is now hardly any women on it message or message back. The thing is I don’t even look any different from 6 years ago, so I don’t understand why the women on it hardly message now. Are women just much more difficult or want so much more as they get older?

By. Skaterdreww

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  1. POF 6yrs ago was a lot better. When I first joined in 2009 it had so much more features and I liked it better. As you get older the dating pool gets smaller.

  2. Mostly your age difference, at 25+ most are at getting married starting a family and probably still have accounts. Wish POF would put inactive if not logged in past three months.

    The online mobile dating apps today is overload really, most have multiple (4+) free accounts so a lot more to contend with.

    Most people are working, consider weekends your window of messages, weekdays don’t be surprised the lack of messages.

    Today you’ve got to get past the 4’s. You have to make it past one of the following…

    4 messages

    4 hours

    4 days

    4 calls

  3. I remember there was a time many moons ago(7 years ago?) I was getting some action here & there from some nice women, and then I had one bad hookup: A total trainwreck of a woman. I deleted my account shortly after.

    I came back, and well, it hasn’t been the same. Spam bots are higher in numbers, features are removed, regular user base decreases, the site goes into disarray.

    Maybe it’s because there’s so many other dating options out there.

  4. The POF Mobile App is absolutely crawling with Bots now with MeetMe messages appearing every few minutes. ShotFind (=Google Image) reveal that the fake female images are from Instagram, pictures of Love Island stars, soft porn websites and even Russian (surprise, surprise) prostitution sites. Some ‘members’ are also promoting the website smashtonight dot com (a scam site I think). Any women on here – is it the same for you on POF ?

  5. Couple reasons.

    1. Online dating is not new or novel anymore. Everyone is familiar with the downfalls of it. Everyone is burned out by the repetitiveness and general hopelessness of it.

    2. The older you are the more you’re filtered out of people’s searches. The less profile views and messages you get
    3. POF doesn’t advertise anymore. Tinder is a major competitor and has taken them over as number 1 dating site.
    4. POF has developed the reputation of being the dating sites for people with baggage so bad that it can’t be hidden or concealed.
    5. people are just more depressed in general. As we barrel on towards a world of extreme political corruption, dysfunction, greediness, isolation, materialisticness, and Instagram superficiality, the notion of finding true love in a world where everyone is commoditized (think phrases like “sexual market value” or “ELO score”) becomes more and more bleak.

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