Dating : Anger and cynicism?

h2>Dating : Anger and cynicism?

Anger and cynicism? Funny how all the girls are laughing with me and some few disgruntled men are upset about this. I feel like there was a lot lost in the tone that might have been missed, here, Kevin, it was anything but angry and cynical. In an extremely short period of time, this has become an extremely successful piece, so, basically it resonates with people. It’s one of those things like drinking alcohol, it’s so pronounced that when it happens, you don’t need scientific research to prove to you that you get drunk. You’re drunk. End of story.

This is literally all day, every single day for some women (like my girlfriend who deals with this daily — literally, daily). I’m pretty sure just about ALL women deal with this at least weekly, so your skepticism just communicates that perhaps you’re not quite seeing the reality that is women all over and what they go through. It’s kind of understandable, few men ever do.

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