Dating : How To Stay Calm When Things Are Getting More Serious?

Dating : How To Stay Calm When Things Are Getting More Serious?

So I am a man and I am always cool, calm and confident. I have a great career and growing an awesome business on the side and I spend a ton of time with family as well. All of this keeps me busy which is good dating because I do not have time to text back and forth. When the girl I am dating texts me I just use it as a time to set up a date to see her and then get back to my work.

Recently, things started getting more emotionally intimate with a girl and I feel myself getting gooshy in the sense that I almost feel desperate. I never text first, due to how busy I am, but this morning I sent the girl I am dating a cute animal picture and wished her a good day but let her know that I still was not going to be able to chat much due to work and let her know that I was excited to see her tomorrow for our picnic!

I feel like I almost did this out of desperation for attention or for validation.

Mostly talking to men here but how do you successfully stay calm and continue to act like yourself as the relationship progresses?

I like my cool, calm and confident demeanor but it feels like a desire for validation may be poking its head out.

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  1. (26f) I know this wasn’t your question, but FWIW I think you texting her good morning is so cute and I think most/many girls probably love it. I still love getting cute texts from whoever I’m dating and I know you’re trying not to seem desperate, but there’s nothing wrong with showing interest/affection.

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