Dating : Bound In Ways Seen And Not

h2>Dating : Bound In Ways Seen And Not

When Images Convey An Experience Greater Than Words

Narelle Carter-Quinlan
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I often walk in the rainforest near my current abode. The trees, water, rocks, tell me Stories that so clearly mirror my own experience. Or perhaps, it is simply the lens of my moment that I am looking through.

Recently I went for a walk into an area I had not passed before. In a seeming innocuous moment, I glanced to my left; and there it was.

The Story. In Vine and Palm and Monstera.

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I saw what I saw, more clearly, when I returned home, edited images a stark confrontation of my experience; bound. My whole Being.

Secrets sensed but never allowed to be raised. Or, if they were? Met with deflection and anger and shaming.

The breathless.

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In many ways, the experience was disembodying, like living in an hallucination of mind, emotions and body. I lost my capacity to sense myself, as much as I lost my breath.

I abandoned myself. Strove to reach up into something that unhooked me from something fundamental; my ground. I overstretched. I broke a little. A little became a lot.

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Until eventually, something tore.

Untethering began.

The process of Re-membering.

Of refinding my vertical; still happening.

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And one day, there will be the full plumage.

Looking forward . . .

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