Dating : Advice on the next step

Dating : Advice on the next step

This girl (23f) and I (23m) have been on four dates. Every one has been multiple hours of sitting and talking about all kinds of stuff. There has been no dull moments.

Im feeling like this could be taken to the next level; however I dont get the same vibe back from her. (This may be me over thinking. I have no actual evidence but suspicion) We text and send tweets often but not every day.

How would you go about telling this person that you want to take things to the next level?

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  1. It’s only been four dates, don’t rush it! Plus, defining the relationship is a woman’s role – you should not have to worry about that. When the time is right, she’ll let you know. All you got to do is show up, lead the date and continue giving her an awesome time.

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