Dating : Dating Dictatorship — Are You A Nazi Because You Didn’t Want To Have Sex With Me?

h2>Dating : Dating Dictatorship — Are You A Nazi Because You Didn’t Want To Have Sex With Me?

Michael Lee

These are very dangerous and politically correct times indeed. So dangerous in fact, that you can’t even have a casual shag with an incognito quick swipe to the right on Tinder without being accused of being some kind of hate-filled Nazi hell bent on racial genocide.

In this highly sensitive social climate of leftism, gender-fluidity and the nonsensical ramblings of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you are but a tweet away from causing a catastrophic race war of apocalyptic magnitude. All because you didn’t ejaculate the politically correct way in the politically correct hole.

The most virtue signalling offenders of being trigged over absolutely everything in 2019? The LGBTQ+ community.

There next target of offensive? Grindr!

Yes, Grindr. The most corrupt, immoral, sordid, unsavoury and downright sleazy place in the history of dating apps.

It’s pretty much Tinder, just for homosexuals and those in the closet heterosexual married husbands who want some unfiltered penis behind their unsuspecting wife’s back.

If you are a holier than thou Republican and have never heard of Grindr, just imagine a barrage of desperately thirsty headless torsos and penises, lots and lots of penises actually and having sex with one another, that is Grindr in a nutshell.

White penises.

Black penises.

Chinese penises.

Indian penises

And even pretty little penises with little cute pink bows.

Grindr is quite literally a multi-coloured rainbow influx of testosterone and sexually transmitted disease just casually hanging around, waiting for the next quick fumble to happen.

So, that brings us to the topic of personal preference and how social justice warriors and members of the LGBTQ+ community are now trying to dictate who you can or can’t just casually stick your penis inside of.

When it comes to who we want to shag, we all have a preference. If a person does not find certain traits attractive, like maybe fuller lips, wider hips or a bigger rear end like Kim Kardashian, would you class that as racist?

No, of course not. Most normal, logical thinking people would say this is just a case of a physical preference. No agenda, no motive, just a preference.

If you are just simply attracted to people of your own race or prefer blondes over brunettes this is a preference.

Again, not racist in any way, shape or form, right!?

Wrong! Apparently, publicly stating on your Grindr profile that you would not appreciate the advances of, let’s say Chinese guys, because you are not physically attracted to them based on your own personal physical and sexual preference, is societal, institutional and ultimately… racist!

Yes, you are a bona fide racist for not wanting to sleep with a different ethnicity other than your own, or any other ethnicity for that matter.

You have to be physically attracted to everyone, this includes 6 ft 5 bearded transsexuals, one-legged obese crossdressers, and pink haired gender-fluid butch lesbians with dyed armpit hair.

Yes, it is now an offensive to have a personal physical attraction.

In fact, the LGBTQ+ claim that it is actually a form of discrimination not to choose who you want to share sexual relations with, and that it is in fact ‘discrimination’ to not want to sleep with someone who does not match your personal preferences.

However, there are many issues with this form of modern-day dating dictatorship, not to mention the slight issue of right of personal consent and choice.

After all, ‘my body, my choice’ right? Wrong. In the case of the left, your body is only your body when you are casually murdering babies in the womb, but not your body and certainly not your choice when you swipe left on someone that doesn’t tingle your taste buds.

You complete and utter racist, transphobic NAZI!

Unfortunately, in a society which is slowly becoming a minefield of causing offensive just for the sake of being offended, why are people simply not allowed to have a preference to whom they share semen with?

The irony in this micro-management of penis selecting from the LGBTQ+ community is that gay men have always been notoriously intolerant and uncompromising when it comes to dating and who they choose to have sex with.

The thing with Gay dating apps that separates it from its heterosexual counterparts is that Gay dating has always been brutally honest. And with good reason, with the vast array of dating and hook up sites now available, everything from the appropriately named Jack’d, Scruff, and of course, Grindr, there is quite literally an app for anyone with a specific preference and sexual kink.

Your bog-standard gay man who is horny and alone at 1am in the morning can arrange a meet with a complete stranger within close proximity for a quick shag behind the local park public restrooms in mere minutes.

Don’t expect deep conversations on philosophy or debates on Brexit or the Venezuela current affairs while you are engaging in rabid and quick-fire anal sex behind a grotty public toilet.

This is Grinder honey, not the Ritz.

And that’s the thing, gay dating and hook up sites are built on superficiality, the bluntest and brutally honest superficiality that’s ever possible.

Part of sexual and physical attraction is found in our individualism in what we like and dislike. Whatever that be big, manly rugged men with biceps the size of Hulk Hogan (pre-steroid scandal) or a little effeminate twink who can name every alumni of Drag Race (in alphabetical order).

Diversity is represented in the different assortment of views and opinions we have. Just because a white man does not wish to participate in consensual sexual intercourse with a black guy, it does not mean that they automatically want to return to racial segregation and drink from a different water fountain.

It merely demonstrates and shows that they have a physical preference for a specific type of man. And there is nothing wrong with that.

People’s dating or sexual preferences should not be an ‘equal opportunity’ form and they don’t have to be.

Sucking anonymous penis is not about equal opportunities, you are throbbing on a penis that is currently inserted inside your mouth. Enjoy the moment and don’t gag on your own offensive currently brewing up inside of you.

Relax, and enjoy that glorious penis currently being pushed down the back of your throat. People are not being excluded from a public or communal space. There are no Jim Crow laws being enforced and no one is being publicly beaten just because of the colour of their skin.

Every person has the right to choose who they date and have sex with, using whatever criteria they want. It’s a personal and intimidate choice, not racism, transphobia, or any other type of ‘phobia’ and ‘ism’ that you can possibly imagine up.

Choosing who to date or who to shag is fundamentally a process of discrimination. Unless you are swiping right on every Tom, Dick and Harry because you have a raging and out of control compulsive sex addiction, there are simply some hopefuls that will not get selected, and unfortunately, that’s just the way it goes.

Your feelings may get hurt, you may be trigged to the point of no return and retreat back to your destinated safe space because some asshole on the internet didn’t want to shag you. But guess what, somebody else will.

That’s the thing about preference, we are always somebody else’s perfect type.

Ultimately, what is considered aesthetically pleasing lies in the eye of the beholder. What someone thinks is attractive or desirable is another person’s hideously ugly. As a society, we are constantly told that diversity is strength, but when it comes to diversity of differing opinions, not so much.

This is not the world according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez where we all ride on pink unicorns and dine on socialist ice cream together.

This is the real nitty gritty of reality, not everyone is going to like you or want to jump into bed with you.

In a world where having sex has now become politicalised, can’t we just leave the virtue signalling out of the bedroom and just ejaculate in peace without being called a Nazi, please!?

What do you think?

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