The One that could steal a chair for me but couldn’t steal a kiss.

I was still feeling bad about Don — it was my first dating app crush, give me a break — and this Solomon guy appeared. When I saw his profile, I could not disagree more with him. He said something about a banana that I could not get and he was lying on a inflatable unicorn in a pool which make me see him like a big child without anything else to do.

Still, because I wanted to move on, I decided that I was going to give him a date, so I can learn more about them (not him). It already was a little bit awkward because in my wish to make it more easy — for me — I told him I will only be available for 1 hour. The nice guy said, are you sure you can spare this hour? and I feel bad and try to save it. I kinda regret that now.

So Solomon was on time. Very well dress — I like that in men- and waiting with a beer already. I wanted to go to an art gallery that day so I told him that, not to go with him but to have an excuse to leave. When I first met him, I thought that he was too short for me — I am short but still…- but then, he started talking. I really enjoyed his conversation. It was clear that he was well educated, with culture and manners, and I liked that.

Everything was going smooth, and then something hilarious happened. Because I am short, I couldn’t stay on high chairs for long, my legs don’t reach the ground so it’s kinda difficult for me. He gallantly went for a chair with a little rest feet thing in it. After doing the movement, a girl appeared saying that it was her chair, her things were still on the table, and poor Solomon turn very red and decided to return it back. That was probably one of the sweetest things I have received in a date — so thank you Solomon.

We went to the gallery. This artist, Lorraine Loots, who I love, was in London for a few days, so I really wanted to go and I accepted his company. I was talking non-stop. I really liked him at that moment, although I don’t know how he felt, he was very used to dates, or at least that is how I saw him that day.

You know when these art galleries have a dark room where they put on videos or display stuff in the dark? Well, this one had one of those rooms. I went in and I found a couple kissing in a very romantic way. I stood there, feeling like I was interrumpting, and I said: sorry! and went out. Then the girl went after me and said: it’s ok, don’t worry! and I was just laughing so hard that Solomon asked me and I told him. Later on, both of us were in the dark room and there was a different couple next to us. I was still laughing about the previous episode so I just said that it was very awkward to stand there, looking at them kissing. And then he said: Maybe they were in their first date.

That was too much cheekiness for me — I started thinking so many things! Like, why does he want to kiss me on the first date, and if I should say something or just go for it? or maybe it was a joke and if I went for it he would reject me? I was so confused that I decided to laugh it out and push him on the arm, like saying “C’mon you! stop the nonsense!” kinda way that you would use with your crush but forever friend.

I did not stay to see his reaction after my sudden kind of rejection. And some minutes after, when we were exiting the gallery, and he was listening me babbling a lot about I don’t even remember what, I was thinking that I would have definitely enjoyed that kiss!

The next day he wrote me back.

The following day he didn’t, and then he never did it again.

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