Dating : Divorced Women Have More Fun

h2>Dating : Divorced Women Have More Fun

Asrai Devin
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Steph balanced a box of chocolates and a bouquet as she waited on Loni’s front porch. The door opened, revealing Loni holding a wine glass. “Good afternoon?” Loni’s eyes widened as she checked her watch. 1:30 PM, at least it was afternoon.

“It’s six o’clock somewhere. Come in, we’re shelebrating.” Loni giggled as her words slurred together.

Loni was in the middle of a divorce, so Steph was cautious about the situation. “Happy birthday.”

“Thank you. Not what I’m celebrating, however. The divorce is final and I am free.” Loni turned from the door and walked deeper into the house. Steph followed and almost took her shoes off when she saw the glitter on the hardwood.

“Did you throw glitter?”

“Yeah, before I started drinking even. Do you want a glass?”

“Not right now. No one else is here, you said we.”

“You and me, silly.” Loni set her glass down, took the flowers and chocolates and put them aside before pulling Steph to the sofa. “Here’s the truth. I knew you were coming over today and I needed a little courage. So I had some wine.”

“What did you need courage for?” They’d been friends for a year. An unlikely friendship between a suburban trophy wife and the butch lesbian from the gym all the housewives frequented.

Loni cupped Steph’s chin and stroked her cheek. “This.” Before Steph could blink, Loni pressed their lips together. The kiss was sloppy, because of her nerves and the alcohol. Steph hesitated, a battle flashing through her head. Loni was gorgeous, and Steph had her moments of attraction to the woman. But she was drunk and a little vulnerable from the divorce, even if it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Desire won and Steph tilted her head to the side, deepening the kiss. Loni relaxed as their mouths parted, tongues seeking the heat of the other. Just a few kisses, Steph told herself, then they’d eat the chocolate and watch a movie. Loni’s lips were soft as silk as they brushed over Steph’s again and again. Steph felt her panties dampen as she wished she could taste more of her friend’s body, lick her breasts, down between her legs.

Loni pulled from the kiss and buried her face in Steph’s neck, kissing the soft skin. Steph held her friend, ready to ease apart, but a hand brushed her breast. “Lon… sweetheart.”

Loni pushed back and pulled her shirt over her head, revealing a perfect set of tits encased in an expensive-looking bra. “Don’t say no, unless you don’t want me. I don’t need nobility. I need an orgasm.” Her tongue swiped her lips. “I need you.”

Steph met Loni’s clear eyes, even if the drinks darkened her natural spark. “I used to have many fantasies about you country club types. When I was little, I’d watch princess movies and wish I could be the prince that swept those pretty girls off their feet.”

“I’m yours for the sweeping.” Loni held her hand out. Steph took it and they marched to the bedroom. Loni sat on the bed and swept her hand over the new duvet. “I bought new linen last week.” She pulled the cover back to reveal the red silk sheets underneath.

“We might slide out of bed,” Steph joked.

Loni pushed her designer pants off her perfect hips and dropped them to the floor. A thin layer of silk was all that covered her trim body, honed at the gym from Steph’s instruction.

“Take off your bra.” Steph’s voice was hoarse, eyes glazed as Loni uncovered herself. “Show me how you like to be touched.”

Loni covered her breasts, squeezing them. Then her fingers teased her nipples, before pinching and pulling them. Steph took off her shirt and pants, ignoring the utilitarian look of her underwear, before laying next to Loni. She kissed her friend’s lips first, covering her breast with one hand. Loni’s nipple was hard already, giving Steph leave to roll it between her thumb and finger.

She exited the kiss so she could taste the beaded flesh. The tiny bud was tight, but smooth as silk under her tongue. She sucked on the spot until Loni squirmed under her, then she slid across to the other side and teased her friend there.

Loni’s hips were rocking against Steph by the time she finished the torment. “I want to do that to you, but I’m so hot.”

Steph slid her hand between Loni’s legs. “Are you hot down here, baby?”

Loni nodded, her cheeks turning pink. “Yes, but I want to touch you too.”

“Don’t worry, no one will leave this bed unsatisfied.” Steph chuckled as she helped the smaller woman out of her underwear. “I’ve always wondered if rich women taste different.”

Loni laughed. “I’m not rich anymore, just not poor.”

Steph didn’t reply as she parted the sculpted legs. “Still enough money for a full wax job it seems.” Her mouth watered at the expense of flesh before her, two perfect pearl lips and the crown jewel in the center peeking out, begging for attention. She hooked one of Loni’s legs over her shoulder, before pressing a kiss, inhaling the sweet scent of arousal.

“Oh my god, Steph.” Loni groaned, and Steph grinned. She’d barely touched the woman, at this rate it would be a quick orgasm. She swiped her tongue over the silk skin, parting the lips and finding Loni’s engorged clit. She circled the spot until Loni was moaning, her manicured nails digging into Steph’s shoulders, hips raised up demanding more.

Steph pushed two fingers inside Loni, stroking her inner walls with a crook of her fingers. The rich woman arched her back as she squealed, her legs clamping on Steph’s head. She convulsed a few times, shaking deeply before collapsing on the bed.

“So how was it?” Loni asked, as Steph laid on the pillow beside her.

“You taste like honey. How about you?”

“You have to ask?” Loni rolled toward her friend. “Your turn.”

“You want to go down on me?”

“Maybe. Maybe just fingers today for me?” Loni’s forehead wrinkled with concern.

“I’m a little wary of those fingernails.”

“Steph, I’ve been fingering myself with nails like this for years. I promise they won’t hurt.”

With a shrug, Steph wiggled out of her panties. Loni swooped in for a kiss, her tongue greedily licking at her own taste on Steph’s mouth. Steph held her breath as Loni’s nails scratched a light trail down her abdomen.

“You’re tense. I promise I won’t hurt you.”

Steph tried to relax as Loni’s fingers probed between her legs. The pad of one finger caressed the soft silk of Steph’s pubic hair. The finger parted her lips and found her throbbing clit, stroking the tender spot with nothing but blissful touch.

Loni watched Steph’s face as she rubbed the spot. “Good?”

Steph nodded, as her eyes struggled to stay open. “Really good.”

“Relax, I know my way around a vagina. I’ve spent many hours masturbating.”

Steph closed her eyes and focused on the soft touch. Harder, faster, Loni’s fingers moved against Steph. Her mouth dropped, her breath coming out in pants as Loni expertly flicked her hand over the velvet. Until Steph felt all her nerves tighten, then explode into the heat of orgasm. “Fuck, fuck.”

She opened her eyes to find Loni lifting her fingers to her mouth and sucking them. “Now I’m ready to go down on you,” she said, sweetly.

Steph waited to catch her breath before she nodded. “I said no one would leave the bed unsatisfied. We have a long way before we reach that mark, baby.”

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