Dating : Love Is Authentic Only When It Gives Freedom

h2>Dating : Love Is Authentic Only When It Gives Freedom

Diana C.

There’s love and then there’s fear, but never both at the same time.

In this 7 minute video, Osho touches on the topic of authentic love, on what it is and what it is not, on why it lasts for as long as it lasts and what happens when it dies. He explains how we destroy each other’s individuality instead of respecting it, while expecting contentment and fulfillment to come our way for doing so.

Osho encourages us to remember that anything real is always changing. The notion that “true love” remains forever is false. How can it? The analogy of the flower makes us aware of the absurdity of this idea.

One of the most meaningful aspects he emphasizes is that love comes suddenly, unexpectedly, with no effort on our side. He says “It comes as a gift of nature”, yet we treat it like anything but a gift.

There’s so much truth to be reflected upon in this video, should we choose to embrace it and forget everything we think we know about love for a few moments…

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