Dating : Would girls cheat on their bf if a hot guy hit on them?

Dating : Would girls cheat on their bf if a hot guy hit on them?

I am 24/M and my girlfriend is 21/F.
Kind of irrelevant but I was wondering if a really muscular good looking dude hit on girlfriends when their bf isn’t around, would she turn him down ?

Because obviously he’s got a higher chance of getting her than an ugly ass dude right?

TL;DR- Would a super hot guy be able to take guys girlfriends/wives?!

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  1. Some people never cheat, some people love to cheat. I guess it depends on how loyal they are and how much they care about their partner. Someone completely in love would not have eyes for anyone else, no matter how hot he is.

  2. If you know your girlfriend to be a loyal person, she probably won’t cheat on you.. what she might do is leave the door cracked open with that guy in the event that you two broke up for whatever reason. Best believe that if you cheated on her or things went south, that guy would probably be the next guy you see her with.. Girls like to have options and will save a piece of candy to enjoy later..

    One way to tell if she would cheat or not, is to gauge whether or not she’s happy with you.. like genuinely happy. The kind of happy that can’t be acted or made up.. do you think she’s happy with you? If she is, chances are the next guy won’t even be an option in her mind because she cares so much about you that this dude wouldn’t even phase her.. however, I can’t speak for other people and what they do.. and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen men and women cheat on someone with not the best looking people..

    what I can say, is tell you not to let that “hot dude” make you feel insecure because this shit will drive you crazy. You’ll start getting paranoid and shit will get ugly really fast. Remember who you are, fuck that dude, and keep the kind of attitude that’s like “I’m a great guy, I try to treat my girlfriend great (I hope), and if she wants to go out and find a trash bag like this guy so be it. I know I was great and this was great for the time being..”

    So many people forget that their SO’s are like human beings who will make their own decisions.. do what you can do which is control how you act and what you do and if there ever came a day where she cheated on you deal with it when it comes. Don’t drive yourself crazy now.

  3. if she is serious about you and Loves you unconditionally she most likely won’t Cheat but you Never know .. some people just Cheat no matter what and others don’t

  4. Depends how much control you have over your girl. If you have a lot of control over her she will be afraid to cheat or even look at another dude. But if you are a weak little cuck boyfriend she would probably bang the dude in the locker room.

  5. I’m not too sure that I am qualified to say talk on this, never been cheated on, but I think the reasons a person would cheat is if they aren’t getting enough attention, the time spent with SO isn’t enjoyable or gets dry and boring, it they feel they aren’t appreciated. Or one trend I have noticed a bit in some stories is that a person falls for someone else due to the mere exposure effect because they are constantly together. And the thing about the more attractive suitor you shouldn’t worry about if you are positive your gf isn’t with you just because of looks or money. I understand you may be insecure about your looks but you can’t dwell on it just be the best you can be to her.

  6. If your girlfriend wanted a muscular guy or whatever, then she would be with one. If she’s with you is because she likes you and she wouldn’t just sleep with someone just like that.

    Don’t take people for granted and assume they will forever be honest and loyal, but don’t get paranoid thinking she’ll cheat with the first guy who hits on her. If she’s with you, she likes you, so focus on that and trust her.

  7. Absolutely, yes. How it pretty much works is that anytime your girl speaks to a man hotter than you, she has to have sex with him. It’s just nature.

  8. I’m a girl, and I would never cheat on my man if i was committed to him. However, I’d only ever commit to someone I am attracted to, cared about, and clicked with – so therefore there’s no need for me to cheat. All my needs are met and I’m actively trying to build something with my man. I’m not going to waste that on a fuckboi.

    I’d politely reject the random hot guy trying to pick me up. If a girl doesn’t reject him, then she’s not into you and therefore not worth your time.

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