Dating : FSM: Available now on Binge Network ‘The Indie Film Channel.

h2>Dating : FSM: Available now on Binge Network ‘The Indie Film Channel.


Friendship, Sex, Music, Drugs.. not necessarily in that order. FSM tells the story of Samantha, a female DJ in the underground rave community struggling to balance her burgeoning career with her day job as a teacher. Sam has been single for two years following a hard breakup. With the help of her best friend and online dating site “Date Now Vancouver,” she re-enters the dating world and is thrown in the chaos of bad dates and even worse sex. When a longtime crush of hers, Liam, appears in her online matches her interest is rekindled and she pursues him without knowing how to bridge the “friend zone” gap and get him to see her flirting for what it is. As he carries on, oblivious, Samantha grows more and more frustrated with him, with herself, with expectations from her sister and everything seems to fall apart. Only deep friendship and belief in herself will lift Samantha up so she can find love and happiness.

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