Dating : How soon after a guys birthday should you wait to tell them it’s not working out?

Dating : How soon after a guys birthday should you wait to tell them it’s not working out?

I’ve been going out with a close friend for about 2 months now. It’s his birthday this weekend, and I’m pretty sure we’re better off as friends than as a couple but I don’t want to ruin his birthday. How long should I wait to let him know it’s not going to work out between us?

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  1. I would do it before.

    Because hes going to be under the impression that everything is great and you are so good to him. Then you’ll drop the news and he’ll wonder how you could lie and bullshit through his birthday without blinking an eye. You’ll be the bad guy. You won’t be the good guy either way, but at least don’t bullshit to his face throughout his birthday, you know?

    I see your dilemma and its gotta suck in terms of timing. But I think you should end it beforehand as cleanly as possible, and still give him a gift or something on his birthday to show that you care about him. Or don’t. Not sure about the situation so its just an idea. If you go NC then thats fine too.

    If just going to hurt your heart more as time passes. When you have to pretend to reciprocate his loving gaze and you have to pretend to love it when he’s kissing your neck or whatever…its just painful man.

  2. You can end something with someone and still be respectful of their Birthday. If you’re not feeling it let them know. Still do something respectful, but within appropriate boundaries, for their bday. If you aren’t sure whether or not you really want to end it, then wait it out. Again in this scenario, be appropriate with boundaries of your feelings. If you’re confused, don’t go all out for their bday. Your partner will likely have many more Birthdays : )

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