Dating : Should I give up??

Dating : Should I give up??

Background: I went through a bad breakup almost a year ago. We went out for 2.5 years. We started off fwb and he ended up asking me to be his gf. Before that I never really dated before, just always end up with the guy I’m crushing on . So idk anything about dating.

I met this guy two weeks ago at a party. He was in one of the bands that played. He approach me after his set and we started talking about music. I was buzzed so I had some confidence. He gave me his phone and I gave him my insta.

The next day he DM, told me he “would love to hangout again” we talked sparingly through the next three days. And it just ended. He sent me a long msg then I replied with a long one and was left on “seen” (this was three days ago)

I feel like I should give up on him. But I cannot stop thinking about him. This is the first guy I am interesting since the breakup. What do I do?

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  1. I’m in the same boat, and this happens far too often to me!! What I usually do is send one more message (or snapchat, if you are connected there), if he sees it and doesn’t respond, you just have to start forgetting about him. Maybe eventually he’ll see a photo of you, weeks or months later and start chatting with you again. But you can’t force it. I’ve learned everything is about timing with guys, and there’s no altering timing. He may think you’re really attractive and nice still, but the timing is all wrong for him. You can never know what is happening in his head. So if he doesn’t respond to your next message, move on, go out, talk to other guys 🙂 you really never know who you’ll meet next, or when he might pop back up in your life again.

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