Dating : Home Before Dark

h2>Dating : Home Before Dark

A Flash Fiction Story by Greg Thomas

Photo by Brett Harrison on Unsplash

Hank laid flat on his back in the grass, admiring the clouds in the sky as they passed over him. The stars would be coming out soon, and then he would have to go inside.

Macy stood at the corner of Walnut and 19th, waiting for the bus to come, anxiety setting in. It would be dark soon and she knew she’d better make it home before it was.

Luke was driving over the city bridge, looking over at the setting sun shining on the waters, knowing at nighttime the bridge would be closed for people like him that wanted to cross over.

Reggie was walking down the sidewalk, looking over his shoulder as the sun was setting, ready to run at any sign of trouble.

Hannah was waiting at the corner of Walnut and 19th, hoping someone would see that she needed help. Macy walked past her, never looking up.

Jack was walking down the sidewalk at an increasingly hurried pace. He was hoping to catch up to his brother Reggie, but he wouldn’t make it in time.

Brandy was sitting on the corner waiting for Luke. She always worried if he didn’t catch the bridge in time she might never see him again. She saw a car pull up to her. It wasn’t his car.

Samantha walked over to the field and brought a blanket to watch the stars come out. She was hoping to catch Hank, but she had just missed him. She happened to rest on the spot where Hank had just been, only to discover the ground was still warm.

Amaya was flying over the town, looking down at the homes as her plane elevated through the clouds. Soon, she would see nothing but the stars in the sky and darkness. A chill ran up her spine, knowing what would soon happen below.

Brian was sitting next to Amaya, afraid to stare out the same window they were sharing. Fate had led them to this moment, a last minute chance to help those they were leaving. Neither of them would ever speak to each other.

Walking up to his front door, Hank turned around and looked up at the night sky, wondering why Samantha didn’t meet him. He heard a loud scream, turned, and ran inside. He would lock the door behind him, knowing he would have to wait until morning to see what he missed.

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