Dating : Need after date advice

Dating : Need after date advice

Hello fellas first time posting here.
Little bit about me:
I’m a 23 year old university student. I’ve only talked to 1 girl on a regular basis during high school (who friend-zoned me). Needless to say we don’t talk much now. So I don’t have much experience with women. I’m introverted and anxious too.

I went on my first date ever this Saturday and another date the next day on Sunday. Found them both on tinder.

First date:
Met her on the train station, I was a nervous wreck at that time so reflexively blurted out “hi, what’s your name?” Which I thought was weird then said nice to meet you with a handshake. When we got into the train she started texting on her phone on which I commented “you like being on your phone”, she put down her phone after that, got off the train after 30 minutes or so and walked downtown after that. After walking for 20 minutes of walking (till the end of the date) she started texting on her phone, which really made me feel like **** and from that onwards I wasn’t really interested in the rest of the date, I was just forcing myself to talk after that. I asked her “what would your perfect day look like?” She said blah blah and ended it with “good sex”. She also bought joints at the end of the date although she is not a regular 420 user (based on what she told me). She was asking me random small talk questions throughout the date some of which were about myself. I guess we never really broke the ice. When it came to say goodbye she said “this is me” and I awkwardly said bye from a distance as too many people came in between us running into the train. She said “see ya. Bye” after that.

Any feedback will be really appreciated, sorry for long post.

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  1. Are you interested in continuing a relationship with this girl, and looking for advice on how to make that happen? Or looking for feedback on your « performance » on this date?

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