Dating : How To Confront A Liar

h2>Dating : How To Confront A Liar

Kesia Alexandra

Here’s what to do when you suspect you’re being lied to.

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In the anecdote above, the lie was relatively harmless. Her boyfriend said he wasn’t going to a show and then he did. In the grand scheme of life, it’s not a big deal. The thing is, this is what makes the lie all the worse: it wasn’t a big deal! So why lie?

1) State your truth and stand in it. A lot of habitual liars are also gaslighters. They’re looking for any weakness in your stance and are ready to burn your whole confrontation to the ground. When calling out someone like this, honor your truth. In the above anecdote, for example, my friend could have called me up or had me present during her confrontation. This is one way it would have been impossible, or much harder at least, for the liar in the situation to double down. This gets you one step closer to an admission of guilt and perhaps an apology, for whatever that’s worth to you.

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