Dating : Bumble Date: What went wrong? (if anything)

Dating : Bumble Date: What went wrong? (if anything)

Went on a date this past Saturday with a woman I met on Bumble. We got together at a coffee shop (low pressure) and talked for a while. We had great chemistry, hit it off really well, never felt awkward, and we very much are a match physically and intellectually. We ended up spending about three hours together before we parted ways.


Before the date ended she said she’d like to get together again and even suggested a location. We exchanged some playful texts later that day. Texted her on Sunday, it’s now Tuesday and no response. Debating on if I should just call and ask her out or wait another day or two. Don’t want to step over a boundary for someone I don’t know very well.

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  1. It sounds like she’s capable of texting you back. I would send one more text something blunt and to point like *Hey, do you still want to make plans to get together at that place you talked about? It sounded fun.* and if she doesn’t reply within the day, I’d say fuck it I’m out. At that point, she’s either not interested, not interested enough, or being disrespectful of your own life and time.

  2. I would just send another text and ask her out again. If no response again than cut your loses, it didn’t seem like anything went to bad on the date. You guys stayed a lot longer and talked more than an average date. sometimes things end and we don’t know why, just accept it and move on. She could have rekindled with an old bf or a family member could’ve died. who knows, good luck.

  3. Just ask her tomorrow around lunch what her availability was like this weekend, if she doesn’t respond you got nexted, so just move on.

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