POF : luck

POF : luck

has anyone met their significsnt other on POF? was it successful?

By. megghingeCD

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  1. A coworker of mine actually met her Bf and they’ve been together for about 2 years so there are most def success stories but again it’s only what you make of it. The obstacles I’ve seen is if you’re a woman you have options but you have to weed out a lot of jaded dudes and scummy men. If you’re a guy you get a ton of bots and if you’re a good guy you get overshadowed by the jaded and scummy men which sucks its makes it harder for the guys on there.

  2. A past coworker of mine met her first boyfriend and now fiance/husband on there. He’s a total jackass though, he lied about his age to appeal to younger women and she was naive and let him get away with it once he told her on their second date. When we worked together she told me stuff about him that made him seem pretty inconsiderate but she put up with it. I don’t know if that counts as luck but I’ve learned over time that if you lower your standards you’ll be more successful.

  3. I met my ex on POF, we were together just shy of 9 years. It’s like any relationship, being introduced online does not seem to matter these days. They can all end the same way.

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