Dating : Learning to Worship

h2>Dating : Learning to Worship

G D Penman

From the first, you must keep your eyes closed. Through your garbing and anointing. Through your scourging and your penitence. Keep them closed.

Within the temple, keep them closed. As your bare toes brush the basalt rim of my shrine, keep them closed. As you genuflect, allow your forehead to brush against the iced marble.

When courage allows you to rise, purse your lips.

Taste of my salt, taste it my sweet.

Drink deeply. Ignore the burning. Breathe through the pain. Ignore that which intrudes. Breathe through the doubt. You will survive this too. Breathe through the fear. What is there to fear about being loved?

Do not open your eyes yet.

There is a reason that things like you are born in darkness, half-blinded and wailing. When you look upon greatness it pains you. The sustenance you have taken shields you from only the sharpest edge of your inferiority.

Only when you are certain that you are ready — when you are truly certain — can you release the embrace of darkness and feast your eyes upon that from which you suckled.

To witness me is to give worship.

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