Dating : How important is social media?

Dating : How important is social media?

I’ve been asked several times for my Instagram or snapchat, and when I say I don’t have either of these, the conversation just evaporates.
So my question is; is social media really that important to people? Is not having these hurting me dating-wise? Is it ridiculous for me to consider getting accounts on these apps just for this?
Thanks in advance for any advice, it’s greatly appreciated.

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  1. I’ll second that they’re looking for recent pics. Make sure your profile has a good full-body shot, preferably one that looks recent.

  2. 31F and I am more attracted to men who have managed to stay off social media! It’s not a dealbreaker either way, but I find it charming when they don’t use it or have it. Snapchat is trash anyways lol.

  3. I get asked for whatsapp or snapchat sometimes, I just tell them I am have no need for those apps because I am not a teenager. I suspect some guys want to go to other apps to have more sexual conversations.

  4. Huh, how old are you and/or the people you’re dating?

    Never been asked, but I’m probably too old for anyone to care either. 🙂

  5. It is and isn’t important at the same time. If you don’t have one, no big deal. If you do, expect people to form opinions or an impression of you. At the same time, you don’t need social media to be an interesting person

  6. Personally, if I’m considering meeting someone I’ve only talked to over tinder etc. I like to suss out their social media first if I can. Yes for photos, but also to see more of their personality, writing style, make sure they have friends and aren’t a psycho killer.

  7. I like to use Snapchat to ensure that the person is real and not a catfish. And I do like looking at their social media if they have one to try and judge whether or not they are a psycho or actually single. Ran into a lot of married/engaged/in a long term relationship guys on tinder and pof.

  8. Well I technically have SM accounts, but I hardly ever use them. Snapchat I use a lot. The 2nd girl I talked to when I came back to dating asked me for my snap. I didn’t even think I had one, but apparently I made an account when it first came out. Now I use it regularly.

    When people wanted to talk on snap, at first I was like « why can’t I just have your number – guess you aren’t that serious ». Now I give people my snap til I weed out the crazies (plus stories are kinda cool).

    So social media isn’t *crucial* – I’ve only had one girl ask if I used Facebook – but you should have a messenger or two (I also use kik). These are useful tools for hookups/handling crazies.

    P.S., if a girl posts a ton of glamorous stuff to IG, I won’t even date her. Not trying to live that FOMO life – I’m too busy having fun to spend 30 minutes taking a fucking picture lol

  9. I don’t think social media is that important but in today’s age people like to get a sense of who you are from what’s available to them.

  10. I don’t have any social media other than Facebook (got this when it was for students only). Has never been an issue. That said I am 33. If you are early twenties then maybe just create one and stick a few token photos up there

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