Dating : 9 Reasons Why Young Women Should Avoid Significantly Older Men At All Costs

h2>Dating : 9 Reasons Why Young Women Should Avoid Significantly Older Men At All Costs

If you’re a heterosexual woman in your late teens or early twenties, you have no business being with a man significantly older than you. I’m talking about 10 years and more. Though, if you’re under 20, that number should be reduced by at least half.

This issue is not just about the age gap — it’s specifically about older men seeking out much younger women and vice versa. With the help of modern technology, this is happening every day on social media, dating apps, discussion websites, and so on.

There’s a reason why the relationships between older men and much younger women are considerably more common than ones between older women and younger men, and the older men in question are often resourceful and the younger women are attractive but not the other way round.

It’s because this type of relationship is intrinsically linked to the deep-running sexist and patriarchal cultures, characterised by many superficial and harmful values such as those placed on youth, beauty, and excessive wealth. While women might benefit from such relationships, they’re not designed to serve women — especially in the long run.

Now, I could write an article addressing these older men who themselves are aware of the inappropriate age gap and their predatory position but abuse their power and target women half their age anyway, and those who — for that same reason — often feel the need to use manipulative PUA techniques and controlling tactics to simply get a date and maintain the relationship. However, I don’t have the time nor respect to make space for them here.

So, echoing my previous essay about the importance of setting boundaries to protect oneself from bad treatment, this article encourages young women to recognise the issues with dating significantly older men and draw their boundaries to avoid getting into damaging situations that might leave them with permanent consequences.

Dear young women, you’re powerful and have plenty of options to choose from. Here are 9 reasons why you, as a young woman, should avoid significantly older men at all costs.

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