Dating : My Membership At Live Fit Gym Was Cancelled Without Any Explanation

h2>Dating : My Membership At Live Fit Gym Was Cancelled Without Any Explanation

After being a member of Live Fit Gym in San Francisco for over a year, I get this e-mail a few days ago around 7 pm from the gym’s regional manager:

“Effective immediately your membership has been cancelled. We take the safety of our members and staff extremely serious.


Live Fit Gym and Wellness Club”

Not having the slightest clue as to what could have possible lead to this, I immediately called the gym, hoping that this is some kind of mistake or misunderstanding that I could easily clarify. None of the front desk clerks could explain the reasons for this action. I e-mailed the regional manager twice asking to speak with her and I left a number of phone messages to her to no avail.

Then, two days later, I went to the gym in person with my girlfriend to cancel her membership because she didn’t want go to there without me. We filled out her cancellation form citing the exact reason she was cancelling -the fact that my membership was shut down without any explanation. The gym immediately lost over $160 / month, yet they didn’t even retain us or at least her as a customer or give us the courtesy of finally explaining why my membership was cancelled.

I do realize that they have no legal obligation to explain anything to me, yet it still feels so wrong and so much in the spirit of the local passive-aggressive culture — tolerate something for some time, then strike and punish without any dialogue and any attempt to resolve the issue, and then hide.

I am not sure why wrote this article. I guess this is just food for thought for the readers to make their on conclusion about how unhealthy this passive-aggressive attitude is, and that there has to be a better way…

This gym incident reminded me of a number of instance in which was directly involved or which I observed when friends, co-workers, or (potential) romantic partners would “resolve” their disagreements and disputes by acting like everything is fine and then simply disappearing without ever confronting each other on whatever issue they have had with each other. This is of course an easy way out, but also the one that all too often puts an end to good connections and relationships for no good reason.

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