Dating : No Longer Crushed, No Longer Broken

h2>Dating : No Longer Crushed, No Longer Broken

A spoken poem about relationship trouble (old relationship)

Kyle Nielson

I hate those times at night when I begin to wonder.

My restless mind keeping me from needed slumber.

As if I don’t think enough throughout the day to hold back these dark creeping thoughts from killing my positively progressive way.

The abyss catches a second wind when the light retreats from the skyline.

Yes it’s the prime time for those monsters to jump into the limelight, and I try to fight with all my might, but I can’t quiet the logic that feels so right.

My mind tells me one thing and my gut says another.

With my heart on the table dissecting those feelings of love and pain, my happiness aflame! but I’m pulling back these logs of vulnerability because I want someone to blame.

The doctor says I need a transplant, but I just need a little comfort to keep these fires roaring and burning within my heart.

It’s always the little things that tear me apart.

They say the hotter the flame the deeper the scar, and this flame was so hot, so hot and bright that the great Apollo himself once mistakenly tried to take it away and light up the world with it’s power, and boy did he look sour when he saw that this light was within me, and I shared it with a beautiful woman to be.

Well, was supposed to be.

Was supposed to be the one that took my mind off all the others.

And in a way, she did. Luring me into the sweet sweaty sauna of line in which we live!

Or lived…

I was a wounded wolf as she captivated me with those eyes and lies. They were false promises of hope that bloomed within my soul, with her plan all along to let them wither and die.

I cried…

And cried, how could I let this happen to me again?! I’ve been called one of the stronger ones my dear friend! If you want to let me go that’s fine, but don’t later turn on a dime and come crawling back when you see no other man treats you like their queen, like a princess, straight out of one of their dreams.

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