Dating : Going on a possible first date tonight

Dating : Going on a possible first date tonight

So, I’ve known this guy for awhile and we haven’t really been more than okay friends, we aren’t very emotionally close but we spent a lot of time together in school. Recently we graduated and I thought that would be the last time I saw him, but within the first two days of summer he mentioned three times that we should keep in touch.

It seemed a little odd because I hadn’t expected him to want to keep in touch or hangout over the summer, but he wants to so I asked him to go see a movie with me tonight. My friends keep saying it’s a date, based on how eager he was to meet up and the fact that we’re hanging out for the first time outside of school alone.

If it was a date, I would go along with it. If it wasn’t, I would be fine with that too. I haven’t asked and don’t plan on doing that, because we already have plans to hangout after tonight and it would be awkward if I asked and he thought of me as just a friend.

I’m dressing nicer than usual but casual. Not sure what he’ll be wearing. Is there any way to tell if he thinks of tonight as a date or not?

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  1. Ya, simple just ask him. Why go into it unknowing that helps you maintain and keep the right vibe with him for the night. No harm in asking, I have with male friends just to make sure we are all on the same page. Especially since you are okay with both scenarios.

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