Dating : One Woman’s Quest for Love in the City of Beijing

h2>Dating : One Woman’s Quest for Love in the City of Beijing

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An Interview with 26 Year Old Chinese Single on the Topic of Love and Relationships

This article is an interview with a Chinese single living in Beijing. We asked her about her thoughts on life, dating, and men. The answers offer a window into how love continues to evolve in the city of at the center of the Middle Kingdom.

College, I met a responsible man and noticed he treated me differently than other women; that’s the first time I really thought seriously about dating.

I like manly men who are responsible and courageous. As for physical appearance, I tend to be attracted to men who are cleanly shaven. And he should also be hard-working.

When I was twenty-four, my parents started asking me about my relationships, but since I never met Mr. Right, my parents slowly stopped asking.

First of all, my date should be a genuinely nice guy. He should also match my type which we talked about just now. He should be assertive and pick the spot for our date. He should take care of all the details. It would be great to have a big meal and watch a movie. Also, it would be great if before the date he did some research and already knew what I like to eat and what type of film I want to watch. The location should also be tranquil, and he should be able to hold a conversation on topics that we both enjoy.

In terms of actually getting married a year, but if I really, really like him and we’re a match I could consider getting married in half-a-year.

Ideally would like a man who is willing to live in Beijing. Who has the ability to buy a house in the future. And I would prefer not to live with our in-laws full-time, having them over every once in a while is great though. I want us to have our own space.

I’m worried that an international man may not be able to stay in China with me for many years, and may worry about the cultural differences such as eating different foods. On the positive side, I like the attitude many international men take towards getting things done in work and life. I also love being treated well, and the concept of a gentleman.

Maybe, it depends on my working situation. If my job doesn’t require me to stay in China, I would consider moving abroad with my husband.

It’s tough to think of something on the spot, but generally, when I’m in a really rough place, and a guy says “有我在” (I’m with you) [Yǒu wǒ zài] this is something I consider very sweet.

While today’s interview only represents a single individuals opinions, reading through these responses can offer us all some insight into how to date women in Asia. And when you are ready to explore online dating with Asian singles, OE Dating will be here to help. Download our iOS and Android app to meet Chinese singles who before now, may not have had the chance to meet international singles.





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