Dating : Blocking ?!

Dating : Blocking ?!

So my girlfriend (21F) and I (22M) are together for over a year. The thing that annoys me is that every-time we fight she has to block me from every social account .

This is a long distance relationship and I’m confused on what to do.

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What do you think?

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  1. Communication is key. It’s definitely not a healthy sign of trust if she resorts to blocking you. Relationships require effort and compromise. You both should read about the 4 Languages of Love and find out which ways you express and show love.

    Reiterate your commitment to your relationship, but only if it’s true. If you aren’t happy together at the end of the day, it might be best for both of you to part ways.

  2. She sounds like a reactionary person. I used to do / be like that in my first relationship. It’s toxic and immature behavior, just adds more fuel to the fire.

    I guess you have two options.

    1) put up with it, which gets tiring eventually
    2) tell her to stop doing that and handle arguments in a healthy way like mature people.

    Good luck.

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