Dating : Passing the message

h2>Dating : Passing the message

A page from Pachu’ s diary

When I was in school, if a teacher was on leave, some other teacher would come and engage us in some games, puzzles or we would be allowed to go to the ground for playing. In one such classes, this teacher told us about a game. I don’t remember the name of that game. I’ll name it — passing the message. It is played like this — you tell a message to one student, he/she memorises it and should pass on it to neighbour. The last student has to reveal it. Everyone heard different words. When you pass on the message, there was whispering in ears, tickles and giggles.

We sat in our benches and it would start from last bench and end at first. I was sitting in the middle one. When my turn had passed, the message was gibberish. It made no sense. The girls behind me were discussing in soft voices. I asked one of the girls what was the message. It was not even close to what I had heard. I had passed the wrong sentence. I told the girl who was sitting in front of me the correct answer. The next person passed it. The final message contained some wrong words and was closer to original message. The teacher was furious. The teacher said there was cheating. The message was not distorted, and asked whoever was responsible to stand up and tell the truth. At that moment I realised, I should not have corrected the message. I didn’t know the rules of the game and was just passing the correct message. I was very afraid to confess. I didn’t want anyone yelling at me and call me a cheater over a game. I was not a cheater. It was an innocent mistake. I wanted the day to be over. I just kept quiet…

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