POF : Why do special needs people get the shaft on dating sites.

POF : Why do special needs people get the shaft on dating sites.

I am a 24 autistic Male and been on 5+ years and never had one date. The girls always cancel at the last minute.

By. VideoGamer1995

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  1. So two things

    1. Lots of men struggle to get a date via OLD. Its not a special needs problem, its a universal problem. Get some input on your profile, photos and approach – this often helps with success.
    2. As for why, this question is way too complex to deal with in a reddit post. Autism is a spectrum, as is « special needs » in general. Depending on where someone sits on that spectrum, how independent they are, and whether they are engage socially and conversationally at an age appropriate level varies dramatically across different people. If you are at the « normal » level for these things, then a standard dating site is for you. If you are not, then sure give it a go, but maybe a specialist dating site is more appropriate. To be blunt, life is hard enough, most people (me included) arnt interested in making it harder, and more complicated than it needs to be, not to mention depending on the person mental age it would be predatory to date them. As for you personally, I have friends with adult children with low-functioning Autism, who require 24/7 care with the a mental age of a child; most adults would consider it predatory to date someone in this situation. Conversely, I work in a sector that seems to attract individuals with high-functioning Aspergers, and have many colleagues and friends who would definitely be in this category, plenty of which are in functional relationships, and I would definitely date if we were not colleagues. So in your situation, it really depends on where you are at on the spectrum, and whether a specialist site might be more appropriate.

  2. Dude, despite my name im attractive. This site and dating online is garbage af. I maybe went on a couple dates on and off through the years. I cant figure out why it sucks, i just know it does.. so i dont take it seriously

  3. I’m not special needs, and this is a pretty regular thing. Either they were there for the attention, they got a better proposition in their view, or they just had something come up.

  4. I’m 33 and hf. I never even make it that far. Too many bot accounts in my area. And most profiles are old. New ones I don’t understand because I’ll send a message, something short and to the point and never hear back.

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