Dating : Double standards

Dating : Double standards

I’m an Asian guy in my late 20s and when I get rejected by women it’s almost always along the lines of « I’m not attracted to Asian guys » followed by a justification such as « they’re not masculine enough », « they’re not assertive enough » or « they’re too short/have small dicks/(insert random other physical trait here) ».

These same women are usually super liberal and post shit on twitter like « we must get rid of toxic masculinity » and other feminist stuff. Yet they have no qualms about rejecting a whole race of them (which is often their own race) for not being masculine enough or lacking in a physical trait that exemplifies masculinity (height, penis size).

What’s up with that? Why are women nowadays so hypocritical?

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  1. Locking post as this is turning into a « Let’s bash women because I can’t get dates » thread. There is enough of that around Reddit and plenty of subreddits that will celebrate being anti-woman with you all. Let’s try to remember to all be polite and respectful. Dating is hard enough as it is.

  2. Indian guy here. We have the ‘creepy, show bobs and vegane guy’ stereotype to go along with all the things you said. It’s rough man.

  3. Black female here, we’re stereotyped as angry, fat, low IQ, 3 babies daddies, poor, etc. I’m not any of those things and can barely get a date on Hinge.

  4. As a 6’6″ white Male, I only attract 1 type online and 0 offline. The online is bots. So, you can’t blame me for your problems. I’m as screwed as you!

  5. You’ve spent too much time on MGTOW and Red Pill dude, you need to just get out of the house, get in the gym, clear your head for a while, then go out to some clubs / bars and hit on girls there.

    It might take a couple 100 times going out, but you’ll get somewhere eventually.

    Stop worrying about how fucked up everything is, and start trying to figure out how you can play to win.

  6. Online dating is probably the best way to see how the world really works and what people really believe. It’s also the fastest way to expose the lies of feminists and social justice warriors who claim to believe in equality but do nothing to live their lives according to the principles they espouse.

    *Example:* Many women and feminists rail against the evil toxicity of « white men » and their privilege. But who gives them their privilege? All the women who line up seeking to exclusively date white men.

    *Example:* Women claim they want men who are sensitive and care about them. But many will only respond or match to the highest tier of tall/handsome/white men ignoring the rest of this. This essentially guarantees the only men they will encounter will be narcissistic and care minimally about them, as these men are flooded with so many choices they have no reason to care.

    *Example:* Many feminists and SJWs claim that we should be « post-racism » and guys like Trump are so evil for stirring racial divisions. But race is one of the strongest predictors of success in online dating, so obviously race is extremely important to women. It is actually more important to women than men based on online dating studies.

    The most brutal thing about online dating is it takes all the lies you were told as a child about fairness and equality and the way the world works and it crashes them in very short order. The truth is far uglier than the lies you were told as a child.

    In reality, I have trouble taking any SJW rhetoric seriously, because I see how insanely lookist, heightist, and racist most women are every time I log in and try to start a conversation only to be met by silence. Men are likely similar, but as I said the studies suggest we are less heightist and less racist, plus more willing to be flexible on women’s appearances. So it is not equivalent.

    Bottom line: Don’t listen to what SJWs and women say – watch what they do. Even my sister almost exclusively dates tall white guys. All the while she tells me not to be down about my height or race and that it shouldn’t limit me. And somehow she’s not joking. I often wonder how she can reconcile this type of hypocrisy.

    That’s the real world and we’re all stuck in it. For guys like us, it can feel like hell sometimes. Maybe it is.

  7. I find this so bizarre because I’ve always been attracted to Asian men and women (maybe because where I’m from, Asians are pretty rare. And also I’m bi). I just…to say that an entire group of people is not attractive is mind blowing. Plus, what a fucking hypocrite to talk about liberal stuff online and to not actually walk the walk is so annoying. I’m sorry you have to deal with this, OP. Your person is out there!

  8. The problem I see is the women you are attracted to simply just not attracted you and there is nothing wrong with that (except the ignorance of some of those comments) . I know plenty of women of all different races who would love to date an Asian man and only want to date Asian men.

    There are always going to be people who are not going to be a persons preferred. There is nothing wrong with that and there is nothing wrong with having your own. There is something wrong with getting petty over the situation. Yes, it sucks and frustrating but focus that on finding something who will give you the time of day.

    Example: would be my friend who is vietnamese and I told he I could set him up with a few women who would just love dating you. Showed him pictures and his answer was can’t date black woman because my parents would disapprove & disown me. Mind you he said all the women where beautiful so standards come from all directions and in different ways.

  9. One girl said I’m usually not attached to Asians. She said this to me. But then said but I find you very attractive. Then we made out. So I guess it just you then.

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