Dating : Should We Break Up or Stay Together

h2>Dating : Should We Break Up or Stay Together

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One spouse wants to move and the other doesn’t when a man files for divorce usually it means that both people in the relationship are at fault. But the other spouse won’t agree to end the relationship, Should We Break Up or Stay Together.

Most of the time there’s still a chance to save the marriage but the reconciliation won’t be easy or quick I hope you understand. If you want to maintain your marriage relation you will need to work hard at bringing peace back to your family, especially with your partner in my understanding.

Precautions you should take,

1) Husband Motives
Most importantly you’ll need to try and understand your husband’s motives, men can take negativity in the family for a while keeping their anger and frustration inside but eventually, their patience will wear thin. They want out or if he’s filing for divorce it means that he has quite a few good reasons to do so.

The most widely spread of such reasons are,

2) Third Person
Some men are simply not ready for family, he has another woman and he wants to be with her, his wife cheated on him,

=> He can’t accept that
=> He doesn’t feel needed and important any longer

His wife doesn’t value him or doesn’t support him.

Spouses are not prepared for the routine in which their relationship eventually ended up after getting married there’s no longer any romance or intimacy in the relationship.

Only “obligations” like the wife,

=> Doesn’t understand her husband
=> Doesn’t show any compassion
=> Doesn’t Listen to his problems
=> Ignores her husband’s wishes and desires

These are not all of the reasons, but these are enough for starting the disagreement in a marriage relationship.

Why he thinks to break up or move out?

There’s one important moment however if he constantly talks about wanting a divorce but doesn’t actually file for it that means he’s trying to manipulate you if this is the case in your relationship you definitely need to talk to him and try to find out what he really wants.

You need to figure out how to compromise in this case you’ll be able to solve all other problems that may be present in your relationship. If you don’t want to move then I will tell you how to restore the relationship.

If he said that he wants a divorce if you decided that you want to save your relationship, you will need to adhere to the following tactics,

Stick to Exact Issues

· Pinpoint the exact issues that are making him want a divorce to analyze the situation why did he leave if you want to get him back it’s the most important part to get the result you want, you will need to address the problem that caused the break-up otherwise, all of your attempts will be in vain.

For instance, a time when you told him you’ll change but didn’t do, so many men leave their wives because of trust issues and eventually they figure out that they were lied to and leave again this time for good so again first of all figure out why he left, fix the problem, only then you can restore the relationship or try to get him back.

With the Help of an Excercise

· You can use the following exercise to figure out the reasons for his decision to move. Write down the reasons for 5 of your latest fights take a close look to see why these conflicts occurred you can also jot down the criticism that he’s had for you over the previous year.

What was the reason for his unhappiness did anything repeat over every fight usually something that he constantly talks about is the true reason for him leaving. Most of the time this tactic helps people figure out why their relationship fell apart that is why your spouse wants to move on.

There’s another frequent reason for move or breakups which can’t be determined by following the above advice. This is when he stops finding you attractive because you lost value in his eyes by doing everything for him, nothing for yourself to get your husband back.

Don’t chase him, begging him to come back both of you are very emotional right now so it’s best to take a break, rest calm down and evaluate the situation, the only way you will be able to see things clearly is if your head is free of any turmoil.

Women often fear that while they’re figuring things out that their husband will find another woman and will leave forever this is definitely possible especially if he meets a woman who gives him what he’s been missing in the relationship with you.

A woman he truly wants but even then if you act right with patience and understanding you have a good chance of not moving him out and getting him back.

Special Advice — Never blame your man for anything be a proud woman don’t beg him, pressure him, tell him about your feelings or ask him to come back this will have an opposite effect and will only push him away spoiling your relationship further before you get your man back you need to fix the problems that caused the move or break-up in the first place.

Show or Convey to him that you’ve really changed, you can do this through

=> Indirect influence
=> letters
=> Messages

Things that your mutual friends say about you.

Do you need help many women or your friends, can’t figure out the issues that led to the end of the family on their own they just don’t have the tools to come up with an action plan that Should We Break Up or Stay Together in the relationship?

Often a detailed breakdown of what happened in the relationship is necessary to determine why a man wants to move after such details were pinpointed one needs to thoroughly work through the situation.

Advice — We want you to just believe in yourself if you have inner strength you can re-evaluate the thinks properly, Modify you for better understanding.

In most cases not all hope is lost, you can get your husband back even if he’s already want to move or filed for divorce but you need to be prepared not to make the same mistakes when you reconcile otherwise you’ll end up alone again.

Hope you like our article, if you are dealing with the same situation where you confused that Should We Break Up or Stay Together then you must read the article, advises and share with those who needed it more than you, for any query & advice just comment below at Games in Love.

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