Dating : Summer of ’19

h2>Dating : Summer of ’19

Shreeneet Rathi

A fond memory with #MySunShine

A summer that exposed me to the twists between Love, not Love, Life, not Life, Commitment, not a Commitment, relation & no more a relation.

These posts are a series of logical observations from a beautiful relationship, arranged in an Indian style, which saw an abrupt end.

(This is a part of 5 individual articles)

A . Q U I C K . C O N T E X T . F I R S T

Hi!, I’m Shreeneet, a design engineer, an entrepreneur, an assumed introvert.

April this year, my life took a surprising turn, when the universe (mostly parents & relatives) conspired together to get me engaged to a beautiful person, who to a great extent is a polar personality to that of mine. Period.
A lovely, sharp & an interesting person she is. 🙂

Together we initiated this journey, clueless and with absolutely no experience of being in commitment of this nature, especially the scale.

Complete strangers, we started with our individual attempts to get acquainted in our own styles. God, as I see it now, both of us sucked in taking that very first step. The rest of our journey turned out to be an interesting mix of our individual polar attempts, some sweet, some romantic gestures, mostly candid efforts towards gauging our comparability as life partners!

That’s enough for a context. Quick fast forward to today, July 2nd 2019.

We’re disengaged & have taken our own path, different from the one we had co-planned, during our brief time together during the Summer of ’19.
A memory that shall have a fond appearance in my life.

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