Dating : How to end a relationship but still be friends with them????

Dating : How to end a relationship but still be friends with them????

Long story short, my partner likes me more than I like him. And I think we’d be better off as friends. I don’t know how to break up with him in a way that isn’t rude or disheartening because I genuinely care for the guy. I don’t feel anything when I talk to him anymore and honestly, it’s become more of a chore to reply to his messages. And, I haven’t seen him since the beginning of May/end of April as he went home for the summer. It’s also really weird because we have mutual friends and I don’t want that aspect of my life turning sour. Anyway, how to nicely break up with someone? Over text or in person? And should I just wait until I see him again to break it off or break up via text and just avoid him? Any advice helps –

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  1. If youre an adult then always in person. Explain how much you care for him and you want to be friends again like old times. My ex is still my best friend. We almost become a thing again but quickly decided that it wasnt gonna work so we are best friends again. I mean, I always text her and care about her and we hangout as much as possible. Her boyfriend is cool and I enjoy hanging with both of em. It works. I find it easy because I love hard but I would rather keep friends then do the societal « I hate my ex blech ». Never said that. Never will. But I’m 1 in 1000 who can do that and be okay with it

  2. I am in exactly the same boat!

    In my situation I think messaging would be the easier way since we both have crazy work schedules so if I asked to meet in-person he would think it was a date.

    My plan is something along the lines of “Hi X, I’ve really enjoying going out with you but I don’t think we are compatible as a couple. I really hope we can remain friends but I completely understand if that’s not something you are interested in.

    Unfortunately, the friendship part is totally in their corner and you can’t control how they will react to this news. Best of luck.

  3. When you say that the went home for the summer do you mean you two are students i.e. you won’t see him till September? In that case it is ok to break up by phone. Otherwise you should do it in person.

    You just have to be honest with him telling him why you are breaking up and that you would like to remain friends. You have to accept though that he may not want to be your friend after this and that is his choice to make.

    Good luck

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