Dating : Where are all the women in the mid-range of attractiveness? Also, I feel trapped (rant).

Dating : Where are all the women in the mid-range of attractiveness? Also, I feel trapped (rant).

I’ve been trying OLD (Tinder, Bumble, CmB, Hinge, even OKC at one point lol) for maybe 2 years and honestly I’ve noticed a huge trend that women on the apps are either very unappealing or way too attractive for me. There is almost never any in-between. I wish I knew what strategy to go for now. Work is out of the question because it’s work (plus I’ve never worked with anyone I’d consider dating in the first place). All my friends are either shut-ins or moved away after college. (But even then the last few times I went out and met a girl it just became casual…one even had a boyfriend which has kind of put me off of ONS).

All I really want is someone who is similar to me (not overweight with an average face). It sucks how so many people are fat. I’m not attracted to fat and I used to be obese so dating someone who isn’t trying to be healthy would just lead me back to it which I don’t want to do. I’ve just been really frustrated lately.

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  1. I speak from experience – the high numbers of ones that you see that appear too attractive, aren’t in real life most of them are « mid-range ». They are just really good at preparing for and taking photos. I learnt my lesson the hard way, multiple times, there and have become annoyingly analytical of photos.

  2. Dude that is exactly what I found on E-dating, very appealing or very un appealing looks but few if any average girls.

    And sadly keeping with the stereotype the girls with the best personality were completely unattractive.

    I personally prefer a thick woman but the majority in my town were very overweight.

    Just gives me another reason to move.

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