Dating : The Love Letters From My Past

h2>Dating : The Love Letters From My Past

Kinene Shadray Marvin

For love that was put down in ink. The dreams, now forever frozen, on paper. Scribbled promises, wishes that made me wish they were horses, at times making me wish I was a beggar.

“I’ll love you forever.” “I promise to be yours, my love undivided.” “How could I possibly leave someone like you for someone else?” So this person wrote. And through my love blind eyes I took it all in & stored it in my wretched heart. Am that a bastard.

The excitement with which I read them, a future they made me envision. The words that made me smile. The deds that made me sing & dance to lyrics that flowed in my mind. What a fuckin clown.

The love letters. Sometimes more better than talking to the actual person for they presented some sort of mystique thrill. Imagine the ability of having Dearest’s words with you for like forever, or so that’s the time it seemed.

The love letters. From a love now disappeared are in my possession like scars of war. Stored in a box, wound up with tape. To open them again? My heart would break, my soul would ache & my tears… Would flow.

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