Dating : The sister.

h2>Dating : The sister.

Maximilian Ljungqvist

I went back to their house in order to fix things between us. I wanted to repair the relationship and make it better for everyone in our family. And I missed my nephew very much. So I took some time in the evening and we had dinner together. They had moved to a dark mansion somewhere. I don’t know why.

The rain poured outside.

And there was thunder.

I said I was sorry for everything. I said I wanted to make it all right. My sister sat and watched the television and said she liked “The Rock”. Dwayne Johnson. She said he was a real man. I said that I was a real man too and she laughed at me. My sister laughed at me. Then she asked if I wanted to sleep in their new house.

I said yes.

“And I will stick a knife in your chest while you sleep.”, she said.

And then she laughed again.

I said that, yes, I am the artist in our family. I am the poet. The musician. The writer. There is no doubt about it. But I am still a grown man. She laughed again and ask how I felt about being destroyed. Being killed. By my own sister.

I said:

“Well, why don’t we find out?”

She looked chocked. So I said:

“Well, you see. There is this thing called karma. What you do is what you get in return. If you do bad things then bad things will happen to you. You will go to hell. So why don’t you kill me, sister?”

She had the knife in her hand.

But she didn’t laugh no more.

“And of course, I have a son. He is 10 years old now. He is your family too, and my son… So I guess you are going to have to kill him too. Hope that is OK with you?”

She dropped the knife.

I left their dark mansion and I went home, through the rain. Through the thunder. Through the fire. And I thought to myself; it is impossible to remain sane among the insane. Among the mad people. Among the psychopaths in my family. The people say claim that they love you and while holding a knife behind their own back, laughing, smiling. Waiting to kill you.

The insane.


When I woke up from this dream, I was free.

And I was so happy.

And there was no more peacemaking to do. And nothing more to say.

And I let karma take care of the sister.

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