Dating : Confusing feelings about FWB type situation

Dating : Confusing feelings about FWB type situation

I’ve recently been dipping my toes back into the dating scene after the breakup of my long term relationship back in January. I’ve gone on dates with a few guys who I didn’t want to see anymore and was starting to wonder if I just wasn’t ready yet.

About a month ago I met a guy I totally clicked with at a party with a bunch of our mutual friends. We talked for like 3 hours straight. We ended up making out that night and exchanging numbers. We kept in touch, texting on and off and went on a date a week later. It was fun, but I had the feeling we were both guarded and I brought it up and he opened up to me about how he was broken up with in February by someone he had thought he would eventually marry.

I suggested that we keep in touch occasionally but that maybe neither of us are really ready to date yet and he agreed and said he knows he isn’t. I was okay with it, I didn’t really expect to hang out again. But about a week ago we hung out twice in one weekend. Both initiated by him. The first night we messed around a little bit, and it was nice but I didn’t read too much into it. He invited me over again two nights later and things got more heated… we almost had sex but both said we weren’t ready. He apologized as I was leaving and said that he’s in a weird place right now and he’s sorry and I assured him there’s nothing to be sorry for… I don’t really know what I’m doing right now either.

Anyway, now he’s on vacation in Europe without much phone access for the next 3 weeks and I can’t stop thinking about him. I don’t know what will happen or even exactly how I feel or what I want. I’m just bummed that the first person I’ve connected with since my breakup has to be at a time when I feel weird, and so does he. I keep worrying that I’ll never hear from him again after he gets back from vacation. But maybe that would be better anyway? Who knows.

This was kind of pointless but I needed to get it off my hurting chest. So thanks for reading.

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  1. Enjoy what you got and find out more about one another. Ask him how his trip went when he gets back. You don’t gotta know how things are gonna end up yet, there’s no rush or deadline. Take it as it goes, and continue to be open and honest

  2. If anything his trip will give him an opportunity to reflect and heal from his past relationship. This might be a blessing in disguise for you guys!

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