Dating : The Wasp that Glowed Like the Sun (Part 1): The First Encounter

h2>Dating : The Wasp that Glowed Like the Sun (Part 1): The First Encounter

Jason Dickson

I noticed a yellow jacket wasp flying around my house in anger. You can hear and feel the negative buzz coming from it as its rapid wingbeats cause noisy wind vibrations. I was always taught to stay away from a wasp because these dangerous little insects will attack us without hesitation and in some cases their stings can kill you. I was always quite frightened by the sight of them in person, especially when flying anywhere near me. But, that’s besides the point.

In an instance, I notice a crazy wasp continuously flying around my house like it was running a marathon. It was just the wasp alone, I hadn’t a clue on why it was continuously doing this.

It was the winter time when this happened, so my curiosity thickened. I don’t usually see wasps in the winter so something strange is happening here. I look up — on Google — “why is a wasp flying around my house in the winter”? And the results revealed that in the winter wasps looks for shelter to stay warm. Maybe this little fellow is lost on how to get back to where his family has set up shop with their nest. Ok, well this means that there is a nest somewhere around my house that I haven’t seen and there is something that I have to do about it. I’ll call Orkin to handle this matter. But as I headed towards entering intomy house to call Orkin, something really weird happened.

I notice a glowing light towards the right side of my home. It came from no where like an angel from the sky. I went over to the side of the house to investigate and it was gone. I stood there for a second in wonder, as this was quite weird. I proceeded to go back into my house. As I walked towards my porch, the light returned. It came from the left side of the house this time. It was a glowing wasp. It was the same circling wasp, but this time it was illuminated.

Like the sun, the wasp shed a bright light. On this cold 22 degree winter day, this wasp provided a benefit to me. Whenever the wasp flew in front of me it felt like a warm summer day. I was standing about 20 feet from it but I could feel the warmth of its energy. In my opinion, it was a product of a nuclear fusion, but I’m no scientists, so what do I know. What was I really experiencing? I didn’t like this one bit, so I went into the house and got my Raid wasp killer. It was definitely a supernatural encounter, but my Wasp killer has never failed me before.

I go into my house to get the Raid and the wasp is still flying around my house. I put my pointer finger on the trigger and as it flew towards where I could get a good shot I hit a bullseye. The glowing wasp was completely covered in pyrethroids. It stops, completely suspended in the air. I stand still in fear. Should I run, I think that might just be my next move. But, I want to see what it does and yes, I did record its activity on my phone. The wasp makes a move. Just like the speed of a UFO, this wasp flew away at hypersonic speed, like a superhero. Whoa!!! I’ve never seen anything like it in real life before! Adrenaline was released and my heart rate increased drastically. I look around me and there was no one in sight, not one neighbor to verify my claim. I take a look at my phone — which was recording this phonomenon — and my phone had been turned off. I did not turn it off. I was dissapointed, but I had a belief that it had been turned off for a reason. The video was not meant to be shared with anyone else, I assume.

As I go back into the house, I notice a noise coming from my basement. It sounded like a swarm of wasps and it was getting closer and closer. The sound, louder and louder! I didn’t want to be a nosey camper in this case and get my life taken away by a swarm of wasps, so I run out of the door in a hurry! Guess who was waiting for me on the outside, not allowing me to pass beyond my lawn?

Part two of this story is on its way!

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