Dating : DMing a guy first

Dating : DMing a guy first

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So there’s this guy who worked for the same company I worked for at the time. It was a very large company, he didn’t know me, but I knew of him and heard him lecture a few times. I always looked for a chance to introduce myself, but never got it and he eventually went to work elsewhere. He’s smart, cultured, cute in an eccentric way… involved in a lot of charitable work, which got him a few minutes on local telly awhile back. It was a good-natured joke at work when we saw it, like, « Oh, there’s A— on tv. He’s so famous now, he’ll never acknowledge us. »

However, after I saw him on the news, I started thinking a lot about him. I looked him up online and found him on a social media site, did a little snooping – and he’s even more awesome now. Attractiveness aside, the very least, he’s a positive, interesting person I’d love to know better.

I feel so skeevy sending a DM to a guy who will have no idea who I am. « Sliding into DMs » is a joke for a reason, right? But there is ZERO percent chance he’ll initiate any contact with me first. Should I do this? How can I do it without seeming desperate, needy, and psycho?

Feel free to chat with me!

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