Dating : Thoughts of Tomorrow

h2>Dating : Thoughts of Tomorrow

He looks around and sees it. Radiating love and affection all around him, from his Wife, his children, his family, and their precious friends.

Despite this, he feels it, the great disconnect. A distance that seems to grow and grow, feeling as if he is worlds away from everyone around him.

Shouldn’t he be satisfied? Shouldn’t he have a sense of fulfillment?

Yet the hollow feeling remains. Something akin to loneliness, but he is not alone. He knows this. He sees it. There exists a thought that he is not good enough. He cannot provide for them yet, so he must sacrifice today for tomorrow. His soul feels crushed by the thought, but he perseveres without a word to anyone else.

His Wife can see the vacant looks in his eyes and she questions why, but he can never answer.

What can he say? The words escape him. It creates an anxiety that hangs over him. The thoughts of tomorrow flood his mind once again. He cannot sit and enjoy today, not when tomorrow looms over him. He can never be present.

His Wife pleads him to exist with her in the moment.

How? How can he do that?

The words cannot form. The thought escapes. His mind runs back to tomorrow. His eyes become vacant.

What do you think?

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