Dating : To say “I do” or not

h2>Dating : To say “I do” or not

Dj Kanchanaa

The journey towards the wedding aisle……..

Wedding dresses, wedding invitation lists, fresh flowers, rings and so much more, right there pause for a moment.

We have read many stories as kids, and waited, expecting a knight in shining armor to come up and sweep us off the ground or to be wedded to the beautiful Snow white. By now you might as well found someone, be dating a couple of weeks, months, or still searching for the prefect one. Now before taking things onto the next level, a biggest commitment marriage. How far do you see yourself and current partner or dream crush into the future?

Understands you better than others

Maybe you had a rough day, and banging the bell, and there he/she appears at the door calmly with a smile, makes your favorite hot chocolate, and gives a random hug or peck cheek kiss, or some other notations, or gives you the necessary lone time you need, generally helps you feel better. After sometime of associating you, when he/she is your marriage material pays attention to body cues and gestures .

Introduces you to his/her family & friends

Family, friends are important people in anyone’s live, the ones who we share Christmas and festive seasons, our ups and downs in life, so the moment they introduce you to these special people of his/her as an important person, its quite clear he/she sees you in as a person in the next level, and is pretty serious about the relationship and is willing to commit.

Helps you become a better version of yourself

You would have prior had serious anger issues, and suddenly you got a lot calmer, after being in this relationship, or perhaps you were a quite selfish person and yet now you see yourself helping him/her when sick. Now you exercise more to stay healthier and fitter for that certain someone, and they make you feel better about yourself.

Tries to make you smile

He/she might have a terrible voice, or maybe never tried singing, but after knowing you love to sing, he/she will sing along with you, as a fun activity. Have a few giggles, and comments on what songs match your voice, and voice dubbing cartoon characters in between. Does things they have never done, and pleases you, maybe you might hate to dance, but suddenly after they showed up, dancing isn’t that bad, you enjoy it, these happen as it’s not the activity, but you enjoy their company.

Both have a few favorite hobbies

Once the initial days of hormones rushing in are more or less over, and know the person at a deeper level than just surface looks, when both of you have a few activities maybe singing, walking on beaches, watching movies, or going fishing or going on camp fire nights together, can bring out sparks again. Enjoy a bit of laughs and recollect the blooming memories of meeting this special someone.

Understand what the other person does for a living

The two of you may be working as two different professionals in field of work. Yet when your significant other(SO) comes home saying “Had some hours of coding….” Then yet you do not know what coding is, “Is it like writing a letter?How hard could it be?”Yet if you take some effort and understand coding is giving instructions to a computer to perform some work using the computer. Coding is not as easy as you can say it. That understanding will be enough. That effort you took to understand your significant other, they will appreciate it.

You are just one part of him/her, not their entire life

Just after you met the other person, you cant make your SO’s friends angry on SO cause of you. The most suitable person to marry would not tell you which friends to associate, which friends not to associate. They will let you live your life as before they met you. They might tell you their personal opinion of your friends but not easily demand that you change your opinions too.

What do you think?

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