Dating : What to look for in a relationship

h2>Dating : What to look for in a relationship

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There are far more things in a relationship than just the love for the other person. Love, of course, plays a large role but, in the long run, just love isn’t enough. In a relationship it is far more important to share the same values than to have a lot of love for each other.

A couple that shares the same ambitions, thinks in similar ways and can work trough hard situations without making the other part miserable is far more happy than one that simply has love for each other.

I’m not saying that love isn’t important, I think it is. But I you shouldn’t only search for love in your significant other, instead you need to search for a partner, someone that want to go to the same place that you are going, someone who has similar goals and wants to build a life that is aligned to your vision, because that is what makes a great relationship in the long run.

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