Dating : I’m an average guy dating a hot girl. I’m a little insecure what can I do?

Dating : I’m an average guy dating a hot girl. I’m a little insecure what can I do?

I’m a 5 maybe a 6.5 on a good day. She is a 7 on a bad day (no make up, tired) normally a solid 8-8.5 she gets attention from guys and stares all the time. I have always dated nornal girls, but this is my luckiest shot. I have never dated someone so hot and it makes me insecure.

I will be meeting friends and i’m afraid they will think she could do better. If she wanted to date a male model she has the looks to do so.

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  1. Bro stop objectifying her is step one. If you don’t treat her like a human being she will dump your ass. Treat her well, respect her and communicate with her like an adult and you’ll be fine.

  2. You might have to ‘fake it until you make it’ a bit. What I mean is that you have to adjust your mind to own this new fact and convince yourself that you’re the grand master attracter of 8s, always have been and always will be.

    That way you won’t come across as insecure day-to- day (which is awful, but I don’t think you do otherwise you wouldn’t be in this fortunate situation). And also importantly you won’t act insecure when the relationship comes under stress, which is honestly the hardest part.

    Also, give her the best D. Good luck.

  3. Speaking from someone who can relate, keeping that mentality is exhausting and really puts a strain on the relationship. It’s a hard thing to get over, but you must try. Just try to look past your own looks, I’m sure you have many qualities that she absolutely adores about you! Maybe have an earnest conversation with her and have her reassure you once in a while, but that’s also the dangerous road so tread lightly. You want to express to her your concerns, but at the end of the day she HAS chosen you and you have chosen her! I’m sure there is more to your attraction to her than just her looks, so please make sure you share those with her as well! Best of luck brother!

  4. Bro, if you go in there with that sort of confidence, shes going to pork your best friend in your bed, doggystyle, anal maybe.

    Its not important why she chose you, just that she chose you and its important you show her she messed up the minute she thinks she can do better than you. You might not have the look, but offer her something way more than that and it accomadates for everything you think you lack.

    Plus, ugly people are in now.

  5. The thing is that maybe she thinks you’re hot and that’s why she is dating you.

    Or even if she isn’t entirely attracted to you physically, but she likes your mind or personality. Yea.

    People are drawn to many things about another person. The thing about people is that we can totally overcome the basic animal instinct of only choosing the taller, stronger/fairer, handsomer/prettier partner out there. We pick a partner based on many factors.

    But if you are constantly knocking yourself for being with a girl that you think is way better than you, she may really leave you for that reason and that reason alone — because your attitude could be a buzzkill in the relationship.

  6. Relax dude. She likes you. There’s truth to the whole « beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. » The opposite is true as well though. It just depends on the person that you’re dealing with, and it sounds like you’re dealing with a « beauty is in the eyes of the beholder » kind of a girl. I’m not conventionally attractive by any means, but what I have noticed in my dating experience, is that I’ll come across girls who are out of my league who are attracted to me. The one commonality across all of them is that their early dating experiences were with dudes that were similar to me. That’s how « beauty is in the eyes of the beholder » works; it’s built off of their early experiences. So, perhaps the girl you’re dating has had early experiences with guys that resemble you and that’s just what she’s attracted to.

  7. Picture her taking a shit. That will bring her down a notch. She’s not perfect and neither are you. The only thing that matters is if you are perfect for each other. ALL women need to be helped with their insecurities and other issues no one is special.

  8. Don’t be an idiot… She’s with you for a reason… Have some self-respect…

    #1 Don’t ever bring this up, like ever…

    #2 You should be happy that all the guys are checking out the girl that thinks YOU are cool…

    #3 Focus on things other than her appearance, relationships are so much more than that.

  9. She doesn’t see you as a score so don’t put yourself in a box. She picked you because she felt attracted to you for (insert whatever reason here). Hot people are still people and if you put them on a pedestal then you objectify their worth and create performance pressures that they can’t fulfill. The question shouldn’t be « could she do better », the question is whether she will stay with you. If you think that she can do better then you automatically start to compare yourself with others using subjective standards. Do yourself a favor and relax. You got a great person to be with and they chose you because your personality and their attraction to you specifically. Don’t make problems where there aren’t any.

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