POF : Every time I close the app…

POF : Every time I close the app…

Every time I close the app, POF sends me 4-5 messages/likes from fake profiles.

It’s obviously POF, otherwise these « ladies » are all monitoring my app and decide to simultaneously message/like me within 60 seconds of me closing the app. And they’re all wisely deciding on making their main profile pic a lingerie shot, and their profile names are regular names with random characters added to it.


What? Do the marketing geniuses at POF think that I will fall for this shit?


Is anyone else experiencing anything like this?

By. Mazcok

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  1. Your profile still stays active for a minute or two after you close the app. The bots use the Online Now and Will Respond to try and get the fastest responses before their profile gets deleted by the autoscript.

  2. Change your settings to only accept 50 character minimum messages. That helps a bit in eliminating the “Hey there :)” messages bots are notorious for.

  3. Match now that they own POF is basically trying to get all people to switch over to their site and pay for their services. They figure if they flood the site with bots or let it get over run by bots that people will get frustrated enough to want to sign up and pay for match

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