Dating : Would You Write To Make A Match Or Find A Love?

h2>Dating : Would You Write To Make A Match Or Find A Love?

Greg Prince

Proposing a publication for relationships

Attraction Scribbles

Affections flying between the lines.
Fondness binding on and on.
Tenderness shared deep and sublime.
Creating passions in cherished song.
A place familiar and so near.
One unexpected yet simple and clear.

What if there existed a place, semi-safe, where single writers and readers of like mind could exchange? Get to know one another on a deeper plane. A hybrid dating feature way beyond and absent of quick hook up shame.

Your thought might be, “You surely jest.” But, I suggest the place may be right here.

Under our noses, on the screen, the idea becomes quite a bit more clear. Seems a writer or two just might like to shmooze and find a real love without spending a dime on meals or wasted booze.

The scene is quite ripe and bountiful you see. Through a private note and message, relationships can bloom and flourish with real thought. Hearts can be won sincerely worldwide joined together in love sought.

Ludicrous lascivious limping fake attempts at a relationship dismissed and thrown out. Through insight and real stories, we could bring real beginnings to meaningful couplings ending romance droughts.

What sorcery might this be?

Could we use our precious resource for another cause? Is this allowed? Are we too proud? Should the world of writing be opened to a courtship cloud?

Take time to ponder upon the idea. Single people, readers, and writers here might find it safer to woo potentials using care. Worlds changed utilizing stories which we share.

If you think this crazy idea may have a chance please comment and let me know. Perhaps a publication set up to link pen pals, possible loves, and friendships could be made. Across the world, similar minds joined in a loving show.

Social dating sites beware. The notion of thinkers using poems and literature to date, for free, will give them a scare.

Of course, the possibility exists some may use the plan to fulfill a lust. However, great distances between participants may make doing so a bust.

Please consider my concept came from reading how some struggle to establish close relationships and trust. You may find the entire notion fatuous. Feel free to tear apart my idea, embrace it, or set it out to rust.


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