Dating : Is a year more than enough time to find a girlfriend?

Dating : Is a year more than enough time to find a girlfriend?

I’ve decided to set up a dating goal in hopes that it makes me put in more effort to meet someone.

Essentially what I decided was I’ll give myself a year to get completely in shape meaning muscles, abs, healthy eating etc. I’ll also take dance classes since I’m bad at it and put myself out there more.

I already go out a lot but don’t really meet anyone so I’m considering going to places I normally wouldn’t. If within a year I can’t meet anyone, doesn’t have to be dating could just be a couple of new female friends, I will just move back home and help my parents out with their stuff. A year from now I will be 27 so I figured if I can’t meet anyone by then it’s already too late. I’ve been single for so long and have been trying so maybe it’s just not meant to be.

Do you guys think a year is more than enough time to even just meet a girl I can have some kind of relationship with?

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  1. I think a year is more than enough to work on your appearance and social activity. However, I seriously disagree with this idea of it being « already too late » if you don’t meet someone in a year (especially at 27 lol). It’s good to set goals for yourself. But don’t let them consume you to the point where you feel like an absolute failure if you don’t meet them, especially in an informal area like dating.


    Set yourself some goals, as a means to an end, but don’t let failure to achieve them fuck you over.

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