How do you know if you’re in love? The signs are unmistakable

How do you know if you're in love?  The signs are unmistakable

How do you know if you’re in love? The signs are unmistakable

I like him a little, a lot, madly… not at all. Sometimes we don’t know! For you, we have listed the emotions relating to romantic feelings. Because yes, in love, there are signs that do not deceive. Find out which ones and test yourself to find out if you are (really) in love.


Sometimes, we can ask ourselves the question, difficult to know if we are in love … or not! The state of love can invade us with various and varied emotions. While some women are sure they are in love, others doubt, but are still … To enlighten you, we decided to study the signs that do not deceive and we help you to take stock of your romantic feelings.

To be in love is feeling very strong and sudden emotions for someone. We meet someone, we maybe start to flirt and we feel how much our body and our head take control of our heart! We only think about that and our nascent feelings are growing day by day!

Over time, when the love story continues and becomes daily, we no longer really say that we are in love, but rather that we love, because feelings are installed. You understand, being in love is a state of love that falls on us, surprises us. Once we tame these feelings and the bonds are forged, then we love!

It is not uncommon to hear about love sickness as the feeling can be overwhelming both physically and psychologically. A real upheaval initiated by strong emotions.

To recognize the feeling of love, know that there are many symptoms resulting from this euphoric state:

  • Your heart skips a beat as soon as you think of him or when you are with him.
  • You have butterflies in the belly, which can be described as a feeling of heat in the lower abdomen. You feel them when you think of your loved one or when you are about to find him, or when he approaches you …
  • The other takes up a lot of space in your thoughts and in your daily life: morning, noon, evening, night… He is there.
  • You are ready for anything and ready to follow him everywhere: any concert, any evening … even if it does not really appeal to you.
  • Your friends come second, at least your priority is to meet the one who capsizes you!
  • You dream of him, day and night. The day, you project yourself in lots of pleasant situations and at night… it’s even more intense!
  • You feel desire, both romantic and sexual: a desire to be with him and to lose yourself in his arms.
  • You have afraid that everything will stop, that he does not call you back, that he abandons you …
  • You are full of energy and you love getting up in the morning at the thought of meeting him, talking to him, looking at him !
  • You only have his first name in your mouth. You talk about him animatedly.
  • You are getting ready, you want to be on top and you leave nothing to chance, between the choice of clothes, makeup and hairstyle.
  • You are literally passionate about everything he does and everything he says … you drink his words !

If you recognize yourself, congratulations, you are in love!

Here is a list of statements to be answered with « yes » or « no » in order to take stock of your romantic feelings and your emotions.

  • I always want to see him.
  • When I do ordinary everyday things, I would like him to be there with me.
  • I can already imagine myself settling in with him.
  • I often talk to my friends about him.
  • I often log into his Facebook and Instagram accounts even though I don’t know what I’m looking for. Just know what he’s doing, how he’s doing.
  • When I see him, my heart races.
  • Before a date, I tend to shake.
  • I worry when he doesn’t answer the phone or my messages.
  • I am jealous when he chats with other girls.
  • I think of him while listening to love songs.

If you have 6 « yes » or more, you might as well say that your love feelings are very strong !
If you have 4 or more « yes’s », no doubt your feelings are developing.
If you have less than 4 « yes » then maybe it is not yet, but who knows what your heart has in store for you?

Friendship is love! With a few differences, which are notable. In friendship, there is no carnal and sexual relationship. Also, friendship is often considered a safe and secure value, without the risk of betrayal, abandonment, break-up… But apart from that, in friendship, we love each other! But how do we know, for example, if we are feeling a love attraction for our best friend? The border being so thin, it is not easy.

See an example

So how to know if you have romantic feelings for your best friend ? Six clues can put you on the alert:

  • You are not attracted to other men, but prefer hang out with your best friend (like Chloe, who told us she developed feelings for her gay best friend).
  • When you both talk about love, you are embarrassed to talk about your love life, as if to show him that he would find his place in your heart …
  • When he tells you about his love or sex stories, you feel a touch of jealousy, a talking emotion !
  • When the two of you are having a good time, you feel physically drawn. You want to breathe his body, to stick to him.
  • When you receive a phone call or a message from him, you are happy.
  • Sometimes, it happens to you to calculate your move: to answer with little delay, not to be on time for the appointment, as for make you want

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