How to recognize a seducer who falls in love?

How to recognize a seducer who falls in love?

The seducer who falls in love, a myth?

Well imagine that it seems to be a reality.

Yes yes, the seducer who falls in love, it does exist.

Hard to believe eh?

And yet, many men and women have fallen into their own trap.

But how do you recognize a seducer who falls in love exactly?

Are there any telltale signs of his feelings?


Changing interests

We are not going to lie to each other: the main center of interest of the seducer who falls in love is the woman.

And not just one, rather all women in general.

The seducer thirsts for conquests, and he never has enough of them.

As a result, he often spends his time in the evening or elsewhere, looking for new challenges.

But deep down, a man, whether he is a seducer at heart or not, has only one goal: to fall in love.

And in general, the seducer who falls in love does not pretend.

When he develops feelings for a woman, he usually has a hard time hiding them.

And suddenly, his interests will change.

He who was spending his time telling other women what to do, now he is only interested in one.

From then on, there is only one thing that matters: to seduce her.

And for that, the seducer who falls in love will take an interest in all aspects of this woman.

Verbal proximity

This is what happens when a man is attracted to a woman.

Rather, men, and seducers in particular, have a reputation for not taking an interest in the lives of the women they are trying to seduce.

But the seducer who falls in love will really take an interest in it.

He won’t just pretend to please the one who attracts him.

On the contrary, it is even he who will take the exchange in hand to drift onto personal questions.

He will not only ask a woman questions, but will also spontaneously talk about his personal life.

He who is usually rather in restraint, he will send waltz all the modesty he had.

From now on, there is no longer any question of remaining on the surface: the seducer who falls in love will give himself up like never before.

Did you say attraction?

As I have explained to you many times, there is no male-female relationship without attraction.

And for it to work, that attraction has to be both sexual and emotional.

But these two forms of attraction are precisely what differentiates the seducer from the seducer who falls in love.

Sexualizing the discussion is part of the basic method of generating sexual attraction.

But a seducer in love will not stop there, and will seek to go further than that.

Besides, sex is not necessarily an end in itself for him.

Rather, he will seek to generate emotional attraction, in order to be in a relationship with a woman who attracts him.

The seducer who falls in love will want to create an alchemy, an emotional fusion with her.

And this is undoubtedly the most telling sign of his feelings.

The jealousy of the seducer who falls in love

Another very evocative sign, which very often betrays a seducer who falls in love.

A seductive man is not particularly jealous of others.

Already, because he does not suffer from a lack of self-confidence.

He has enough self-esteem not to feel threatened by other men.

Second, because he doesn’t have any particular feelings for the women he’s trying to seduce.

His goal is above all to string together the blows of an evening, without necessarily going further.

But a seducer in love immediately becomes much more suspicious of those who turn around the woman he covets.

He changes his behavior, starting to show jealousy and exclusivity.

Very quickly, he couldn’t stand another man trying to seduce her.

It will even be sick if a man even tries to talk to her or approach her.

And it is besides a behavior which can shock the seducer himself.

He who had perhaps never felt jealousy in his life, here he is faced with competition.

But why does the seducer who falls in love become jealous?

Quite simply because he realizes that he now has something to lose.

For the first time, he realizes that he won’t necessarily have the woman he so desperately desires.

And it is from the moment the seducer becomes jealous that he loses all power, in favor of the one he wants to seduce.

And if she wants to have a little fun with him, she can do it in two words: radio silence.

Radio silence, the torture of the seducer who falls in love

A seducer who falls in love quickly becomes obsessed with the one he loves.

And is there worse torture than being completely cut off from a woman you are in love with?

As a reminder, radio silence consists of breaking all contact with someone to create a lack.

And that is precisely what works to drive a seducer who falls in love mad.

As soon as the woman he wants turns off the ignition, he will start to miss her.

An average seductive man would not care, and quickly move on.

But a loving seducer will try to contact her by all means.

He will desperately seek to get her attention to fill this gap that has creepily insinuated itself.

And from there, he’s literally being held hostage by that woman he wants.

All she will have to do is lead the dance, and make the suspense last until he is completely addicted to her.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, quite the contrary.

This is what makes it possible to comfort the seducer in his feelings.

And this is also what reassures the woman who is the object of all her desires.

Because she will know that the man is really sincere, and that he does not hide behind the mask of superficiality to attract him to his bed.

What is certain is that a seducer who falls in love cannot be deceived for very long.

He will indeed quickly be overtaken by lack and jealousy, which he will not be able to hide.

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