How to tell if a man is making fun of you

How to tell if a man is making fun of you

Love makes you blind but your girlfriends are warning you about the man you’re dating right now?

You thought you had the perfect love, but for some time you have been wondering if there is not a problem in your relationship?

In short, you doubt the man you are with and you would like to know if you are making movies or if he is really not being honest with you.

By accepting to see your relationship objectively, you will be able without too much problem to know if your man does not have feelings for you in the end or is at least not sure of what he is feeling contrary to what he would like to do to you. believe. If you’re ready to take your courage in knowing if your man is playing games with you, read the rest of the article.

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Your life as a couple is as he sees fit

Despite your doubts, you remain full of enthusiasm for your relationship and still have the hope of being able to offer your man many original outings … However, you realize that in your relationship, everything is always done in its own way.

You are in love with him so always ready to see him and he takes advantage of it: in general, he is rarely available when you offer something or always finds a way to have something to complain about and so it is naturally that you follow his ideas to him. Obviously, you haven’t seen him for several days so you are delighted to be able to go out with him! And besides, you never thought that it was always from him that emanated the proposals which materialized.

Strangely, he’s a man who has trouble breaking free, he’s really taken with life. You realize that he cannot miss an evening with friends, that he cannot miss the release of such and such a film (to which you are not invited) and that it is absolutely unthinkable to cancel the family meal planned since the day before …

In short, he does not change his plans for you and it is always you who adapt to the wishes and availability of Mr.

You have to recognize that if he had genuine feelings for you, he could have made a place for you in his agenda, other than the 15 minute lunch break that he asked you to bring him to eat. It’s not easy to admit this truth, but someone who loves you will always find the time to see you.

The strangest thing is when, on top of all that, you can’t even decide where to go out… like he doesn’t want you to bump into certain people.

Do not immediately imagine that he is cheating on you: he may just not want you to meet friends, family. But that doesn’t prevent him from cheating on you, but his feelings towards you are still limited.

Remember that when we love someone we always want to introduce them to a few people who are close to us. Not necessarily the family who can mark something more official but at least friends. If when you see each other it’s always two and he always makes sure that it is like that… you may ask yourself questions.

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Communication leads nowhere

Unfortunately, in addition to having trouble seeing you and going on the outings you suggest, you realize that you also have trouble communicating with this man … You don’t see each other often but you don’t, moreover, not the same rhythm of calls and messages.

This does not necessarily mean that he does not care about you: there are people who are totally far from their cellphones, it may be that at a specific moment they really do not have time to call you but they it shouldn’t last….

Someone who loves you, even if they hate to write sms or PM, even if they hate to phone, will find a way to hear from you and chat with you… even if it is by letters! So without panicking when he isn’t writing to you for a day, you can ask yourself questions when you realize that you are not talking to each other when you are away from each other.

But it is even worse if, even when you see each other, you do not discuss or at least do not discuss things that are really important.

We do not ask him to discuss politics, climate and other topics of the moment but simply to take an interest in you!

It’s still the least of things in a relationship. When you see him you ask him how his day or his week went, when – strangely – he tells you something about him you want to know more… it’s normal, you are interested in him. If, on the other hand, the reverse is never true, you may ask yourself questions.

Because, despite all the observations that you have been able to make so far, you are still in love with him, you are going to try to talk to him about what you have observed. You will try to make things work out, that he can explain himself and that you can start again on good bases on which you will be reassured.

But if, even there, the discussion leads nowhere, it is because he is playing with you.

If he loves you, he cares about you, he will tell you clearly. No need for a passionate « I love you », it can be a simple « I’m really good with you ». But it will be direct, there will be no « but » and will tell you that he will try to make an effort, that he is sorry to have made you think that … In short, he will not get lost in sentences endlessly contradicting each other.

How do I know if he likes me

Don’t talk about the future

If he reacted well when you wanted to chat with him, it might just be that he is just not 100% sure about his feelings. You will then have to give him a little time and see how things go, if he is really making an effort. But you can also make him take the following test: see if you can plan a future with him or not. You do not have to go directly to the marriage and children box. You can already talk about vacations, meeting friends and family… These are already great projects, even if they do not involve as much as children or marriage.

If his answer is categorical: that he cannot promise you a vacation so far back in time when you are talking about the next term, that he definitely does not want you to meet his friends and family … you can ask yourself questions. Questions.

In a happy couple where two people love each other, even if it is recent, there is no fear of talking about the future, especially not about small projects. If he totally blocks on that, it means that there is a problem and that he is surely playing on you.

Whether he’s only with you for sex when you wanted a love affair, whether he’s still thinking about his ex, whether he’s not sure about his feelings, or whether he has met someone others that he likes… all these signs prove to you that he is playing with you.

The question of the future is the sign that will allow you to complete all the others. However, you can not rely on that, all the criteria are important to take into account to know if he is playing with you.

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